Saturday, February 14, 2015



PHOOTENOTES HEADER[2]_thumb Before I get my butt into a relaxed state ready for bed, I want to relate some things to you, that is giving me some serious concerns.

First a bit of background and I’ll attempt to keep it brief.

Near the end of November, the parties that be at I4 Solutions , needing me to find residency outside the studio/office were pushing me out of that nest. So in haste I looked at Evanston Wyoming. Where for every step I make forward , I get knocked ten steps back, more on that in a few laps here.

If Brandon and John had let me have another week, I could have found better quarters to move to residency wise, and not been late with the rent and so on , regarding the office, but can’t fix that now although I wish I could since leaving the station where its at would be better than trying to move it all. Which has me perplexed to say the least.

Radio gear is very delicate, too much vibration, not unhooking it right for transport, and all can damage near none replacement pieces, which I’ll have to do.

Right now , I’m looking at finding something in Utah for the radio station, and in April move me there, instead of dragging things out here, and here’s the reason or at least one of them.

All night Saturday, I have been tuned into some of our archives of most of HazzardAyre Radio on Livestream. Its been a need to constantly reload the program. So did a speed test, 24 down, 2.90 up. Hell I’m used to at least 150 down and 60 up. While there may be ways to improve that, I’m not willing to propose to the Knytes to rewire an entire town just to accommodate us. Best course of action, get us to where the pipe is bigger. In Evanston I’m getting a stream rate like water trickling through a garden hose, In Woods Cross, I was getting a stream rate equal to water going through a fire hose. That’s what HazzardAyre Radio needs, so do I move the gear? Or put it in storage, look around and see where else, like say Montpelier Idaho might have a slightly bigger pipeline? One way or another the gear has to be moved, but I need to, renting a storage unit, and then doing some scouting might be the best plan.

These are the kinds of things I wish now I could have checked out BEFORE we moved here. If I had known the fat whore at the Yellow Creek Estates that rented me that trailer there, had held off sending in that first months rent for near three weeks, I’d have demanded the rent back and moved my butt outta there. Course the smarter move would have after seeing the place, just gotten my money back from her, had her take me back to Motel 6, and went back home to Woods Cross.

I found too, that two of our Livestream channels are missing programming. So I contacted them on it, but rest assured I’m looking into other streaming services, that don’t kill your programming, just because your off air for a couple of months. Like Live365, sure its going to cost the club, and me, but hey if that’s what it takes.

But at least Livestream had brains enough to know better than mess with HazzardAyre.

Going in to do some praying to find some answers.


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