Friday, February 13, 2015

The Last frontier of Independent trucking is towing


Darksides logo_thumb As the last two hours of a rather restful day comes to an end I wanted to share a few things with some of ya’ll.

First, and its part of a subject for a different entry, but since most if not all TV has gone digital, I find myself even with cable , having to go out and buy a new TV or if possible find one in a pawn shop. Seems as though since no coax in, no coax out, thus only RCA plugs and need to find a way to seize the signal. So with that I was forced to watch Hulu and a show called Big Rig, talking about the demise of the independent trucker.

The days of owner/operator long haul cowboy hauling is over or just about there. There just is no more room for one or two truck small fleets or single truck haulers. It’s be part of or lease a truck to a big conglomerate company or park the truck, pull the keys and go do another job.

However there is and my focus here this evening, there is one bastion of independent hauling and trucking left. Towing.

That’s right 24 7 365 snag, drag and hook em up towing.

Where one with enough stamina , guts, and dedication can still , albeit small, but ink out a living.

Oh sure there are the bigger mega fleets, with multiple trucks and major dollars invested and subsequent headaches, still in small rural and rural/urban environments , a guy(or gal) can still get out and boogey with a truck and feed a family.

Which brings me to two final thoughts , one, why did SpeedTV relinquish and sell out to FoX Sports? And two could a new SpeedTV or a variant be created to be what if not better than what SpeedTV was? Why do I bring that up you ask?

Simple; SpeedTV began running one of those part reality shows that was the foundation to many going towing TV shows. Only Wrecked really showed what its like out there in the toew world. Idea? Let’s do that again, and the title? Highway Hooker TV.

Oh sure there’s those shows on TruTV like South Beach Tow, but those are more dramatic and partly scripted with little in the real true reality of towing. If most of us tried those tactics we’d either be in jail, broke from one smellofahess law suit, or worse.

But running a camera in trucks particularly in a rural setting showing what us independents do, go through and risk we endure to safely and damage free as possible , do to rescue stranded motorists and disabled vehicles around the clock every day and all night.

So while long haul independent trucking may be on its way out, there is still the final frontier of independence in trucking, it is towing.

My thoughts I could be wrong.


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