Monday, February 16, 2015

Night Moves


So got the word, Bishop can’t help in rescue of radio gear, not that he don’t want to but that I4 Solutions wont let him use Church funds. So gotta call Brandon in the morning to work on the rescue from the point of $500.00 each month for three months, then go fetch the gear, so looks like I’ll be here for another 5 months, Oh Gurr.

So the pitch is Church helps with my house rent, I do the back rent and all in Woods Cross and go from there.

In the meanwhile its get in gear bringing Highway Hooker Toewing back up to operation level. Hey give em what they want, right.

But dig this friends after what now, three going on four months, I now have a real bed to sleep on and a much nicer one than the one I got ripped from me in Ogden. Only problem with the bed, I have no sheets or bedding to fit the new bed. Hey when I take down the first rent payment in a week or so, stop by Bath Bed and beyond.

So its, put radio gig on hold, get things ready to go tow, and get out of this low money trap. I think it’ll be a bit easier for me to go tow since one of the Bishop’ counselors is a Uinta County Sheriffs Deputy. Might could open some doors, so now need to go find shop and yard space.

It’s always been said, when one door closes, our Heavenly Father opens another. And isn’t the tow truck and the industry it represents, why I went on radio to begin with? Wasn’t LexiBelle>adxelexi the reason we started the organization for or at least based on?

Any mile, have to go to kick some butt at DFS in the morning, then make arrangements at the hospital to get my hiney looked into, so need to hit the rack.


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