Thursday, February 19, 2015

From the WTF files


But we’re just a towing service, why is it always us? Seems as though I get that noise every day. We see things different here, problem is how can you try to improve a community, that hardly believes in itself any more. One of the biggest companies in town rents U-Haul Trailers and trucks, from HazzardAyre research we have found  its nearly 6 to 8 months from the time people turn in a trailer or truck from moving here, until they’re renting a trailer or truck to move out. Which is a shame. Being just an hour or so from Salt Lake City and only 45 minutes from famed Park City Utah, Evanston could, and I say could be a meka for tourism, and major events. Trouble is few here know how if even know how to market the area.

There is a bill making its way through the halls of congress and senate to allow Utah to annex Evanston, and move the Utah / Wyoming line 20 miles east. While many are against this, I for one am for it. Maybe an influx of Utah spiced tax dollars into Evanston might just elevate the community to find the 21st Century.

It’s a known fact that while many have told me that if the town don’t fit you, move. My response, why move? Why not improve? Where the Knytes go many things grow. While its not said much, the movers and shakers of corporate America does give allot of attention to where the Knytes go to kick over cans to see what’s under those cans. Corporate America also knows that usually what’s in those cans means a serious return of investment. I have seen it time and again, where we go , others follow. Corporate America knows, that the events and such that the Knytes throws usually increases a towns population by 100% over the duration of an event. When we host and produce the Hazzard Nationals the event usually multiplies a population to over 150,000 people, tourists spending money, eating, motels and gas stations to name a few. The list goes on, but how do you convince a community that needs our help that they truly need the influx of the Knytes? It’s similar to an alcoholic. The Alky does not know its sick, until someone points out the fact that he or she needs treatment. In this case my badgering Evanston is not to be mean , its more like a kick butt intervention. Right now this second, there are at least 500, Knytes members looking to make Evanston their home, bringing all kinds of their own business’s here. The fact is they are watching me, and watching how smooth or reluctant Evanston is to a rather radical, rebel force gets treated.

To give you a reason of the need of intervention by the Knytes. Just yesterday a dear lady friend of mine’ husband , became unemployed. Due to his family’ company going bankrupt. Maybe and I only say maybe here, but if one of the Knyte’ company’ had been in place we could have saved my lady friends husband’ company.

Evanston needs and can grow into a metropolis , but its going to take the pulling out of the sand by ones head to see the light. There are projects in the works to fix things here as only the Knytes can, call us our Heavenly Fathers fix it crew.

What we do? That in the next WTF Files, here on HazzardAyre.


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For the most people, unless you were born, raised, went to school, married and have a carved headstone at the cemetery. your not really accepted here, more than that its really hard to get an external job here. Its not what you know its who. However  while others give up, I and the rest of the club see promise here so we keep pounding away.

It’s not the old farts and retired here. There are high school and college people looking at Evanston to make a life here. While the Knytes can’t solve every problem or for that matter save everyone, we do our best to co