Thursday, February 26, 2015

So sad , but we have lost America


As I get ready to head for bed on this snow covered evening here in Wyoming, I have some bad news.

I think the people have lost America. We no longer champion nor support, those things being built, grown, and seeds being planted by people born, raised, here in our nation. If your a man who sits at the head of a table of an organization, dedicated to vintage, military warbirds including helicopters, add to that a mission to save southern culture and heritage. Forget, getting much if any help from such online fund raiser outfits, like KickStart, or FundMe. Nope, you have to be a minority, female, none wedded mother with an idea of some useless closet organizer or saving some bird or ancient reptile to get people to help and donate.

In these days and times, and I suffer with it too, but I get multitudes of emails saying donate to this or that. Many I do, but many I see are just somebody trying to line their wallets. In our case, its a mission, to resurrect a online as well as over the air radio station, that tells the stories of those brave men and women, mainly Navy and Marines, that strapped on a helicopter or a combat fighter aircraft, flew into harms way in support of ground forces. Or did the historic and saved the day somehow, in battles after battles. A radio station and corresponding network online telling of those brave pilots, like Greg Boyington of the VMF214 BlackSheep, letting people know, not only was the squadron real, but still active, based out of MCAS Yuma Arizona. To most the name is of an old 1980’s TV show. Forming an historical library of military aviation.

The club has just about done everything, so far. The building is built, the staff in place, all we need now is $2,500.00 to buy studio equipment, and our goal will be met. I know that money is tight, but for many $100.00 is almost throw away money. If just 25 people from across the nation donated $100.00 we could be back on air as soon as April 2nd 2015. All anybody needs to do to verify our project, is go to or this is not a scam or fraud its real.

Look many people owe their lives to those who flew overhead protecting them, maybe some of you could see your way past a night out on the town and take that money and send that $100.00 donation to us. If you missed it, the address is HazzardAyre Radio 96 East Hayden #C-202 Evanston Wyoming 82930.

Don’t let us loose America, don’t let us loose this radio station. Donate today.

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