Friday, February 20, 2015

Last post of the night

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As I get ready to turn in for night I am done with ragging on the Cable system here. I have said my piece and ready to move on.

I have been criticized for using what some call scantly cladded images for our website’ graphics. I’d much rather use just as pretty gals in more modest attire, if I could only find them. I like many whose blood does not boil every time they see near naked women, would just assoon get gals in cowgirl jeans, long dressy gowns, form fitting flight suits etc. How about fully dressed tight leather neck to toe for bike shots? I’d go for that. Lets face it, even some of the gals used on such action photos should not be in a g-string. Their bodies are just not that flattering, plus too much woman takes away from the rig or such they are posing with. The idea of a gal with a rig, warbird etc is to enhance, not dominate the shot, or pic. I did a shot once of a cheerleader that belonged to the Filer High School squad in Filer Idaho, with a customized IH pulling tractor. The white vinyl go-go boots and all complimented the tractor, but let the beauty of the tractor shine through.

EasyRiders along with others have gotten too smutty. Which is why we at Hazzard County Choppers will not sell EasyRiders Magazine anymore. Put some clothes on these gals, make the attire work with the theme of the bike, tow truck etc, not the other way around.

But alas we have to use what photos we can gather from online sources since nobody in our part of the country wants to do any photography for and with HazzardAyre.

As I close, I was reading in my LDS Priesthood book, about how quorum members are there to help each other become more united. I agree, the restriction of using fast offering money to bail out the radio gear in Woods Cross was a long stretch at best, and that radio gear is not seen as survival money, but it is my hand up , not a hand out, since the radio gear helps me earn a living outside of going towing. Additionally I don’t think everyone including our beloved Bishop who I think is a great person in every way, but I don’t think he gets the connection here of going towing and the radio station thing. The radio station is based on the basic premise of giving the over the road , long haul trucker and towing professional towing owner/operator a voice. Both over the air and on Internet radio. Yes of course southern historical preservation is part of our core mission, but both HazzardAyre and Dixie Diesel Radio was established as the western voice of the American Trucker/Toewer . To broadcast to truckers/toewers you have to be a trucker or toewer. Not just dress up like one and be a poser. That’s the connection I toew and do radio for others that truck and toew.

So I know that using fast offering money to bail out the radio gear might have been a bit askew, still maybe between many in that quorum could perhaps take up a collection, say 15 of our brethren at a $100.00 a piece would get the job done. I know there are a few in our Priesthood that could afford to help.

Any mile, going in, and to many who ask, yes I could really use my medication, which too along with my cell phone is sitting in that office in Woods Cross Utah, and yes I could use that lithium right now, just haven’t made the connection to the who that can prescribe and deliver that prescription.


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