Friday, February 13, 2015

Its getting back together , but there is one last battle


Before I get into my nightly report rant here, I’d like to say , I had a great dinner over at one of my neighbors here at the Wentworth. While the taters were a bit bland and the gravy not very thick, the meatloaf was great and the conversation even better.

Next , I’m very concerned and saying many prayers for the hot mama that manages this complex. Not only is her and hubbys financial condition not very healthy, her domestic environment is a bit shakey. No I’m not looking to hit on her, or anything but after the last 8 months of being dumped on, by everything from swindlers, scallywags, carpetbaggers, promises made but not kept, verbal agreements crapped on, and not up held. I get feeling very sympathetic to someone else getting dumped on. Janet is too nice a gal to be having this happen to her. I have watched this gal hammer away in a cramped office dealing with micromanagement , that would choke a horse. Tenants that don’t respect her albeit minimized authority. Then, doing the fix up here on getting new apartments ready, scrubbing places, painting, everything to where her blood sugar goes south, her fingers bleed, and yet she does this for only $12.00 an hour? Really. She ought to be paid more. Look for this complex to be under new ownership in 5 years or less.

Can you imagine it? The Wentworth, owned by the Knytes-of-Anarchy? I can and it ain’t that much of a stretch of that imagination.

Okay then.

With General JaxSon>ced61ee8b38b44b2aeaacc7edc950516 here now, the radio gear to be here by the end of the month, there is only one last battle. Bringing LexiBelle>adxelexi here to Wyoming, which will fully complete the first volley of this project. From March to August its radio station, from August to November its Cooter’s Toewing, and in 2016 about January its HCC. As far as the Reaper, as reported that project has been shelved until a liquor license can be had.

I can see a light at the end of a very long tunnel, just hope its not another train on our track coming at us from the opposite direction.

Last, here; pitched the idea of the nice gal who fed the old Wolf here preve eve the concept of being an associate producer, for HazzardAyre Radio. Not much pay more volunteer, don’t know if she’ll take us up on the gig, but she’s not stupid. A bit slow perhaps, but slow as molasses intelligence is the normal for both Evanston and Yankees in general.

Talk to you L8R Aviators.