Friday, February 27, 2015

Don’t a gift horse in the butt

BIG HAG HEDDER good morning

There are times its great to stay up in the morning.

I just discovered, uncle , put money in the cash stash. Groovy, now I can take care of some things, except the weather is so snowy, still might have to wait until Monday.

Some would say, well your in toewing ya’ll ought to love the snow. Thing is LexiBelle is 250 miles away a condition I’m fixing later today, and if I ain’t making money going toewing, me no likes it when its snowing.

Okay then lets get to the radio station salvation fund drive, not much yet, but maybe through some serious praying some person with some deeper pockets will shoot out a check for the project, so hey maybe. For now that’s the monkey on my back so got to live with it.

Overnight tuned into both HazzardAyre and AyreWolfFM on Livestream, and even though not live there right now, the music, humor and all of it was soothing. So as I dug on the music, I was reading this study guide from the church. It always talks about families and wives and so on. My big problem here in that, very seldom does there ever become information or advice for us who, have missed the ship of getting hitched, and even having a devoted companion. How about some mind and soul opening 411 from church leaders and all about how to first find a good LDS woman, how to cultivate a solid relationship that leads to a courtship, then marriage in the Temple? I’d like a study guide(maybe there is one just have not found it) that deals with being single in a congregational environment so aimed at being married. Where does it discuss the situation of Heavenly Father giving us the chance if not a second or third chance at marital bliss and union? Why isn’t there some advice or at least a class in the church or at least someone or a group assigned the task of being matchmakers for us in the church who want the blessings and enjoyments of marriage, but just somehow missed grabbling the right brass ring of that ?

As a youth in the church, we have lots of opportunities to meet people of the opposite gender to engage in healthy and clean activities. Mutual, Young Men and Women’s groups, Seminary etc. What happens when your well beyond those years? Used to be in some Wards and Stakes, that Relief Society women would get together with members of the Priesthood and help guide the singles in those wards to meet. There were dinners, and dances etc that helped unite, hearts, lives and souls. Today, find me an active church committee that does some matchmaking and I’ll buy you a root beer. No one has to venture outside of the healthy environment of the church to bars, and other similar places, where finding someone of the opposite gender just to have dinner, or a night out.

I’m not questioning the guidance or teachings of the church, that’s not it, I’d just like it if some of that teaching would or could be directed at us in the fall of our lives who are alone. What do we do?

Any mile, much to do today.



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