Thursday, February 26, 2015

All is not automatic or as it should be

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As I wait for round 4 of my so called automatic dish washer to clean a mere few dishes, I think, if I only had a dish strainer and just washed them by hand? Much easier, gets done faster and if you after all got to pre wash em, chute might as well, as I said, wash em by hand and be done with it. Don’t get me wrong , I have had auto dish washers that work great. Since my mom couldn’t do dishes very long because of her COPD, and all Dad installed this Kitchen Aid Dishwasher at the big house near Hazzard. This was circa 1975. That bastard never broke down, hardly ever needed a filter replacement, and dig this took off spaghetti sauce off of cast iron pans the first time through. Like I said that big house, was 40 years ahead of its time, I’ll get into that in another entry.

Of course back then, making my bed was no big deal. The fitted sheet albeit on a twin sized bed, but to make it easy, mom always bought sheets that had vertical lines or stripes, which made lining the thing up easy and done quick, complete with Marine corners, something Dad insisted on, might be why I shy away from that today.

My lady friend here at the Wentworth , brought over a bottom sheet, and its either too small,(still) although its supposed to fit a queen sized bed, or I’m doing it wrong. Looks like what I need to do, is get out my tape measure and get the correct dimensions and go shopping for some bedding next week while I’m in Utah.

Got to do that and then go up to Twin Falls to see Senior Charlie on an equipment buy, and a possible company start. Including taking on an administrative assistant, suggested by a fellow Knyte. Thing is the new employee isn’t taking everything seriously. My advice to those who don’t. If you snub the club today when we offer, don’t come back to us after we are running full gallop, in about 4 months. What I’m trying to do is get somebody trained to oversee things here, so I don’t have to baby sit this operation, here, and can relocate back to near Hazzard in July. If someone is unemployed or improperly employed a $20.00 an hour job with lots of perks might not be something to brush aside. Remember, Nora and Janet, the offer is made once, not twice.

Any mile, life goes on. I suspect the reason, many don’t take the job thing seriously is because they see my rides and they run around in rides hardly if not paid for. Mine are, plus its the club that’s hiring you through me, not just my company.

Again watched the final eps, of the series Selfie an old ABC series that went off in December. This series was not bad. The lead character I liked simply because she carried the show quite well, and of course, being a leg man and one who likes to see stockings on a gal, also made this series flow well. Karen Gillan proved that hot legs in nylons is not to be a forgotten fashion.

It’s lights out here at the Wolf’s Den, so catch ya’ll l8r.



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