Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The dream did not die , just taking a siesta


toewers blues From my previous entries here, ya’ll might have thought I had given up on HazzardAyre Radio and all, and in part you were right. However after doing some praying got the answer I think I was looking for.  As Brother Welling showed up with a full sized Queen bed, I began to think, why kill this, just yet. Sure going home to Idaho would be easier, but I don’t think our Heavenly Father meant for the road of life to all be smooth and not have ruts in it. So because my MamaWolf years ago, taught me to not put all my eggs in the same basket, I learned to diversify the company. Take on different projects. That way if plan A goes into the latrine, you can resurrect plan B and at least not loose your mind, and here lately I’m not too far from that.

Let me give you an example, the sweetheart that tends to things here at the Complex, who I saw tonight collapse due to really low blood sugar, seems that always happens after she talks to her hubby, on the phone; A correlation? Perhaps any mile, so she’s on the phone, and darn near goes loopy.

Thing is her old man, put everything they had and that he had into one basket. Now that , because of his dumb sister spending more money than income, the company which Hubby has all his money in is about to go belly up. Now if he’d have taken some money and invested it into other places, even unrelated to the trucking business and put it where his fat sister could not get at it, at least they’d have some back up cash. As it is, he’ll go under taking Janet with him. Don’t worry Janet, I’m here to catch you when you fall.

It’s like my dear friend Charlie over at A1 in Twin Falls. He starts a tow service, and auto sales lot, but as soon as that made good money , he invested in rental properties, then as that started going good, he invested in a excavation business, then after all of that, he invests in a heavy equipment hauling business, then a bail bond company, and then a screen printing company. In all, if one gig starts to loose financial traction, Charlie has something in the reserve as a back up to pull the rest of his companies out of the mud so to speak.

So in closing, no the radio thing isn’t dead, just gone on to do a long term siesta.


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