Saturday, February 14, 2015

So why don’t I do it?


I just got a feed back here so I thought I’d quickly share this with you.

The question came from my last entry on exploring new tech and why I haven’t built our companies website.

Simple answer; Just like making a successful pancake or uploading a video to YouTube, I don’t know how.

For HTML might as well stand for hot tamale , I don’t know how to write computer code, nor embed links or at least to the degree of excellence I demand our site needs to have.

Which is why I seek vendors and such to do the site build for us.

Now, while many can do simple builds, ours has to be able to incorporate the streaming radio station into the site, make the radio show the heart of the site. To many, you mention streaming and they tuck tail and run.

Last and there might be some kid around here that could try, but as of yet, there just isn’t anyone that builds complex web sites in rural areas like Evanston Wyoming, or Twin Falls Idaho.  Sure there are a few site builders out there that might and I say might be able to build our site, but they are either back east in New York or somewhere, or California or even Portland Oregon. The problem there is logistics. If I employ someone’s services to build the site, I want to be as close if not over the shoulder of the who builds it. Why? Simple I guess, but if the site pukes at 2:00AM I want to know enough to be able to get in and fix it. Not rely on some tech geek 1200 miles away or more to wake up from his or her college dorm party to get our site back up. Same goes for the site for HazzardAyre Radio and the Knytes.

So that’s why I don’t do it, but the real challenge? Is there someone out there that can?

Now then, another question to be answered, why so many names and companies?

If your into toewing you know why, but for those still miffed. One company, a few trucks one location or even multiple locations, you get one spot on tow rotation lists, i/e law enforcement call out lists. If you have many companies under the umbrella of just one companies, even in multiple locations, you get more names on rotation , thus more toews, thus more money to be made.


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