Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not tonight honey my butt hurts

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Usually I have something inspirational or insightful to say here but not tonight. Since, darn it honey

not tonight , my butt hurts.

It hurts from so much people giving me the big shaft that I am hardly able to handle it.

Tried to watch the news online, same time same crap. I don’t know if its the wind shaking things up on Farnsworth peak, and

messing up KSL’s stream or what, but it hardly comes in. Did a speed check at 22:00 (10:00PM)

once from Comcast in SLC , 10 mbps down, only 3mbps up. So did one from a server in Rock Springs Wyoming, barely 22MBPS

and just at 2.89 up. As far as TV , can’t. Allwest can’t deliver. Oh if I spent money , went out, bought a new all digital TV sure

it’d work, but I thought one reason you signed up for cable was to get a digital to analog converter, in that set top box, coax in, coax out. Not in AllWest’s case. They ought to tell you that before you sign up for cable service.

So while I’m keeping AllWest for Internet and phone, hauling in the cable box in the morning and going to Dish Network next week. Oh and as far as a converter, Dish says, buy an old VCR, hook the digital box to the VCR, and the VCR to your old TV.

Why couldn’t AllWest tell me that?

I’m now counting the days to our radio station having its own T1, which means a dedicated signal, and much faster.

I’m also looking forward to going home to Idaho late June. I’m tired of this.

If I’m not online Monday night you’ll know that me and AllWest didn’t get along, and everything got



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