Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In Utah and Idaho, the news is the same news, but soon will be Hazzard County TV

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Turn on the TV at 10:00 PM to watch the news, and your bound to hear the same news stories from all three local stations one Attorney General gets arrested and its front page or lead story on all four stations. A manure dump , burns they all have a story.

Yet you’ll be hard to find even one story or a 5 minute farm report, no trucker news. When it comes to sports, look real hard for stories from NASCAR or the local dragstrip and you’ll not find one.

By now you get the idea, the same plain stuff.

Enter in Hazzard County TV from Confederate Star Media, and of course us here at HazzardAyre .

Hazzard County TV will be fight the system, anti-establishment and not biased by and religious body or fear from boycotting by one.

HazzardAyre will be there early mornings, and afternoons. Dixie Diesel Radio/TV overnights, Highway Hooker Television mornings the only show on TV or radio for those who toew.

This is why we’re looking for the best lady eye candy in Utah and Idaho, to be hosts, anchors, news anchors, and so on.

So when you get tyred of the same bland news as bland as a dinner on Sunday , made by the ward Relief Society, and your looking for more spice in your TV news, think Short skirts, tall heels, not Naked or Bikini News, but hot leg news. Tune into Hazzard County TV, from your friends here at HazzardAyre and Confederate Star Media. Coming in February 2015.


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