Thursday, July 24, 2014

Damn he’s a long winded sonofabeech The Daily Breefs


Damn that guy was a long winded sonofabeech. Some guy calls wanting to loan us money, for operations of HazzardAyre. Not a big deal we’re up for it, but I know there isn’t , unless completely numbnuts going to be anyone that’s going to loan money to an online gig, especially a warbird. mc/tc organization, for operation of a radio station. But I let em try, knowing all its going to do is take up time, but hey I’ll give it a shot, like eating broccoli with cheese.

So get off the phone and who calls? Comcast again. Now I don’t want to be an asshole here, but damn I have dealt with Comcast all frigging week. I guess there people, although living in a military populace , but DoD, USMC, amongst others only pay once a month. Me myself I get SSI. Also a once a month. We pay what we can as much as we can the first week of the month. Once the first week is up, as far as club income is concerned we’re done until near the 20th, when some outside advertisers pay money, but once we pay equipment bills, we’re done until the 1st or 2nd of the month.

True it’s a bit easier now that I can gain access to it on the first and make sure things get paid, but up to now its been a process where radio station money went through the treasury of the entire club, meaning the bill came to me, the bill gets snail mailed to Georgia, then that bill with check gets mailed to Chowchilla California the President or VEE-PEE signs off on it, then it gets mailed back to me, and I go pay the damn bill. Usually a 10 day process. By then we’re always late. I truly wish our rep Laura in Colorado Springs who also works for Comcast, and why we stay with Comcast to begin with, would call, the powers that be at Comcast’s billing and explain to them how things work here, why it takes a bit longer, at least used to, and now that I can carve out the check it’ll get done by the 2nd of each month. Beyond that first week, who am I going to go to in the Department of Defense(DoD) or Armed Services heads and say I need money? All they’re going to do is say, “see you next month” .

Okay then, was al tached up to go to a Ward breakfast thing, even to help, but guess what? No phone call, to remind me, no come by to say can I give you a lift, nothing. Will report on Monday as to the conclusion there, but words will be spoken at Priesthood Sunday morning.

Still living in a swamp, but that’s short term, seems as though I have a place in Bountiful to live in come the first, the office for studio HQ of the AyreWolvez-Wolf-Pack/HazzardAyre Radio. So I can stomach some discomfort for a week.

See you on air at 23:00 hours on HighwayHooker Radio, and at 04:00 on HazzardAyre .

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