Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back in the talent business, a full circle


I am beginning to think that while there are some talent outlets the fact is the ones here are way too expensive for the Mom & Pop business that’s looking for a person, to represent them on such a thing as TV.

The rate for airtime on METV, is outstanding in a good way. At only $250.00 a month, you can’t beat this network for a target for the 50 to 65 demo. All those shows we cuddled up in front of an old RCA black & White tv , to watch. So with that and production being nearly free why add a model to pitch a product or service? Because back in the day of METV shows, you had at least here in Utah, 5 TV stations. Two didn’t do ads, the others were ABC4 Utah, KSL5, and KUTV2. You bought ad time and even a simple pitch was fine since the same ad was on all 3 stations. There wasn’t Internet, On Demand TV, etc. Today that landscape has changed, you had better capture your potential viewing customer, in a fraction of a millisecond or say good by to good money. It doesn’t matter whether your spending $100.00 a month or $5,million a month. If you loose that instant retaining second you might as well take that money and flush it.

So you look for talent. But if just one gal from an agency is going to cost you $3,000.00 your spending more than two months income. Not a great way to get ahead in a business. So what do you do?

I’ve always said there is a need for an agency here in Utah that dealt with the slightly racy, talent for the advertiser looking for spice in their ad. And yet not break that advertisers budget. I’ll have more on this, on the show today at 17:00(5:00PM) but the fact is, looks like the arrangement we had with TMG went sour. Which is sad, in fact the day I went on the first interview, I had a freelance  photographer whose lady friend could have pulled this off but I discharged him and many a talent because I thought Vickie and crew at TMG would work with us. I feel like I got punched in the gut. Maybe its true that you have to go to Hollywood, but I’m not completely convinced.

So I’ve got ads out at all graduate schools, college job boards and drama departments.

Stay tuned.



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