Sunday, July 13, 2014

This is something that really is, not just a gimmick from a publicist

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When I start barking to neighbors and potential associates of the club, many do not take it seriously. And justifiably so, shute there's not one of us completely by ourselves could do much but sit and dream. But just on intake of dues monies , that’s $150K a month. Add to that corporate sponsors and the club, brings in just under $20,million a year. Of course that’s spread out over 50 states and 2,000 members each, and that’s not including the AyreWolvez, the AyreWolvez bring that in at $300,000.00 a month, and just under $50million a year.

Now then somebody last night over Tequila and few beers asked why a movie? The easiest way to get at it, is, why not a movie chronicling the history of the Knytes, to put it even simpler, bring in Howard Stern. He did a movie on his career to boost his notoriety, and you see what happened there. While doing the same thing, and looking for slightly different results may seem ludicrous, still , what worked for Stern, will work for us.

So then, I see all too many celebrities on Facebook, with places to like their fan pages. But if you send them a comment, that’s all you see is that comment on the page but few times do you really talk or are posting it to them. I place many comment’s on the on TV Cooter’s wife, and yet get little if any response. If there is one, its again from some publicist. Next I got on board with Lisa Kelly from IRT fame who had up a page . But do you think she really read any of my comments? No. So what she’s a blonde hottie that can bring in viewers cause she can drive a truck over an Iced over river? Big deal, I want to see Lisa Kelly in a tow truck winching out a rig that sunk through the ice, or got stuck in a drift.

The same thing goes for Selena Gomez. I was a real fan of hers for quite a long time, but her flame has done blew out. After Wizards of Waverly Place, the deal with Bieber, and all, plus me finding out that just to get her to the Hazzard Nationals(DukesFestWest) it would cost $600k I thought naw, I ain’t into greed.

More on DukesFestWest next time.

But the fact is, if I post something in any page or to you direct on Facebook, its me or the Knytes posting, and oh yes we read each post.

I’ll be posting, the dates and how to throw your name in if you want to be in the new movie of all things Hazzard without any Dukes, next entry.



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