Friday, July 11, 2014

Be On the Look Out for:877-537-9264 its a fraud

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There are cards and letters and phone numbers I treasure and look out for. Then there are those that once you put out your neck and make the call, about 10 minutes into it you know this ain’t going to be for real. If you want to watch a mail telemarketer cockroach hide as the light hits it, tell em when they ask what you do, tell them you run a radio station, there is a long pause, then a reluctant proceed, but you know he knows his ass is broiled salmon.

Phone number 1-877-537-9264 is from some redemption center in Arvada Colorado, is pitching a free prize of a gift card to Wal-Mart and or BestBuy. Thing is to get that, you need to buy magazines. If you say you write and produce a publication again the scene is I dunno. That’s how you get these fraudsters get in trouble. They can’t offer you anything. They know they been caught in a snare, and they try to wriggle off the arrow. Usually scared , but go away.

Watch out for the card in the mail and the phone call.

Okay then.

All day been trying to prep to get in the air to fly down to St. George. I must have said that all day yesterday, and had planned beyond the yawn to be gone by 09:00 this morning, but Mother weather put a no go, up, plus our FBO, didn’t have LuciBelle, >25Beautiful-Vought-Corsairnot LexiBelle Lexi in greenLexi in green ready for flight so I had to wait for cloud cover to lift. Which means lift off at 09:00 Saturday. But this early warning that I wasn’t going to be by my phone, didn’t stop the constant inflow of phone calls. I have to answer the phone, line 1 is HazzardAyre, meaning two things now, one Radio, and that traffic, and two now that HazzardAyre is also HazzardAyre Aviation that phone call could mean going to fight fire from the air, medical transport, or SAR duty. Line two(2) is of course Cooter’s A1 Toewing, and That too needs to be answered, but those telemarketers are endless and those that never answer. Seems as many find that if it’s a business, its some pitch for something that’s going to COST you money, not MAKE you money.

So I’m putting this out, from 90:00 Hours Saturday until 19:00 hours Sunday, truck may be here, but I ain’t. I’m in the air in St. George at Thunder over Utah.

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