Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When stuff hits the fan

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At a time when Comcast is trying to save face after a serious PR debacle and retain customers, getting a service rep, who screams at you, must have been the same one the other guy had, any mile, I get this message from grand old Comcast that service was suspended. Okay why? So I call. This dude named Dee something says, your account is past due. Now I was assured by a late night tech, from India that I would get at least one month free. At least for June. In May I called because the modem didn’t work, again supposed to get credit for a month. So $75.00 plus $75.00 Equals $150.00 , that taken off the bill of $310.00, is $160.00 or at least it was last time I went to school. That was 30 plus years ago.

But no, to get things fired back up at least for Cooter’s A1 it’s going to cost me the full $310.00 , really? What about the credits that all so many were to offer me, but SOMEBODY forgot to write down?

So then shot off a letter to our sweet Laura, and even though its not her department, she got in the mud and got me some help.

The thing is while the service problem I can work around, for Cooter’s with a $30.00 a month Cell phone. HazzardAyre gets paid as it is, but I’m not limited there either. I4 Solutions has a plan for my Internet/Phone if I want it with the speeds, I’m currently getting from Comcast. The only reasons I won’t switch is, one I need cable TV for SOA, and two the most importantly Laura. If those situations were not on the front of the stove, I’d dump Comcast in a Hazzard County second.

Right now Comcast is trying to please a bunch of people. Comcast is in hearings with the FCC with a merger with TWC. Plus the yelling and cussing with another customer back east that went viral, you’d think keeping a radio station talk show person happy might be in their best interest. But no, this Dee guy was yelling and cussing at me, making me mad. He wouldn’t even try to defuse the situation by transferring me to a supervisor.

Days like today are why they give me Lithium, and I drink beer.

Question is why can’t they all be like Laura?

Hope Laura passes this up the line, just for the abuse I got this morning, should be enough to get Cooter’s A1 line back up.



Quote of the Day:
At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
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