Monday, July 28, 2014

Another shoe hit the floor, what you gotta be LDS to get a good deal on advertising in Utah?

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So I get a reply from the sales guy at Comcast Spotlight. The guy says it’ll cost the club $1,500.00 a month, is he high? Either narcotics as well as price. I’ll bet my next oil change that SOA as good as it is, in that time slot, goes for right at $50.00 or less a pop. If one does 2 spots a week, that averages out to right at $600.00 a month give or take. Not $1,500.00 . Sounds like another Cable-One thing don’t it, whatever happened to the open mindness of Comcast? What do you need to be LDS or be a company owned by a big wheel in the church to get good rates on Comcast? At least in Utah. Whew that manure stinks. So I’m looking for a phone number to call FX direct to buy SOA, on a coast to coast basis. Directly from FX(FoX) .

Then the guy tells me that all operations of the church are off on Monday, really? All those years I worked for Deseret Transportation, DT was always operational on Mondays, guess it just must be the public outreach units of the church , are closed on Monday’s.

So I gotta do some digging, and find out the who and what to get HCC in and on SOA, even if we have to buy network, rather than spend locally. Now where did we hear that before?

If Comcast Spotlight advertising didn’t want to do business with us they should have told us so.

Truth is where its at.



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