Monday, July 21, 2014

No thrill TV no matter the form or source


This last weekend was the pits.

Amongst the heavy hauling we were doing here in the studios, I tried to find something worth watching on TV. The sad reality, was outside of REALITY TV, was nothing was worth watching on TV, no matter the source or form. From area local stations, even the damn newscast on weekends. I have this idea, and it fits in more locally than you might think, but instead of another SPORTS BEAT ROUNDUP, how about a FARM NEWS ROUND UP? How about oh I don’t know US FARM REPORT, on Sunday’s or Saturday nights instead of another sports show. Some of these local stations could even be innovative. Like being a launch pad for something like Dixie Diesel/ToewTraxx News. News of the trucking and or towing industries. I can think on two hands even two sets of hands of advertisers, for such a thing. From Rocky Mountain Wrecker Sales, Wasatch Wrecker Sales, Cummins Diesel, Cat Diesel, Flying J, Intermountain Peterbilt, Larry H Miller Freightliner, Salt Lake Mack Truck sales, you get the idea.

From truck stops, to truck equipment, to recruiting truck companies, driver schools etc, this industry is crying for a video TV outlet yet local and nationwide TV seem all too blind. Yet you can’t excite even even one of them. Why ? If you eat thank a farmer, if you got it, a trucker hauled it. Buy a trucker a cup of coffee.

Yet for the lyfe of me all weekend I had more on our radio show than all of TV, maybe the TV stations ought to buy time from us.

How about a segment involving old skool trucking, where the only communications device was good old CB? On the subject of TV and such.

Been noticing for near a month that the signal quality on FoX 13 hasn’t been too good. The  tracking on the lower half of the tiny screen is like the digital path is disturbed somehow.

Not saying everyone is immune, from this malfunction. Noticed that we loose connectivity or at least bandwidth at 02:00 hours and 03:00 hors, and at times at 06:00 hours. I’m not the only ones with that malady. My friend over at Ogden Web Design, says on his stream station has the same problem. You’d think that some Internet provider, would build a foundation for streaming to be used by such as we . Apart from consumer traffic , but dedicated to broadcasting and streaming broadcasters.

Stay tuned friends HazzComm us coming to do just that.

When is TV going to be great? When TV is HazzardAyre TV.



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