Monday, July 21, 2014

Words unknown to Yankees and Mormons

cpj 2GM1 IN A BOX

Good Monday morning. Mother nature and God put on a great light show last night. one dang near caught one of the local prowl cats.

Any way, I was on air doing some commentary and mentioned the Hot Locked Box , across the street was sweet. Instantly got a phone call, asking the benign question, what is a Hot Locked box? First a Locked Box is a virgin or near virgin lady. A Hot Locked Box is a gal who looks great yet is a mission impossible since either she's too unapproachable or is very married, yet carries a serious amount of looks and charm that could melt a grilled cheese from across a crowded race track.\

Okay then, but I got to thinking there’s a ton of these words. From Wet Beaver, meaning a sweaty female crotch, Bear with a Kodak, meaning cop running stationary radar, to buggy with two Shakespeare, meaning a classic car or truck with two CB antennas.

So I got to thinking since 80% of these terms were explored in some measure on our fave show the Dukes-of-Hazzard, that a Hazzard Communications Dictionary might be a useful tool. So instead of just my remembering all those old words, how about a few from some all of ya’ll. Surly some of you remember good old CB and ratchet jawing all night.

Let me know.

Going to be cloudy today, little VFR, most aviation is IFR, up to 5,000.

As for me I’m asleep until 13:00


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