Sunday, July 13, 2014

Can people learn how to spell, even texting?


Every day I see it more and more. People who decided to smoke in a bathroom or meth during creative writing class. Much worse how to construct sentences and so forth. Using past participles and so on.

I know fat fingers on a tiny key board such as that which is on a smartphone etc can create a difficult thought construction to post on a Facebook page.

But I see the same mis spelling and all on posts in major articles of Yahoo, news pages. The people just don’t know how to use our native language.

Question is why.

In my early days at least in school there was no such thing as a spell checker, or a sentence corrector, nope. You had to do it yourself.

But lazy is the way of things. Its goes from our industry right down the the conditions of why immigration is such in demand. Self load tow trucks. Near self load rollbacks, right down to farm workers picking cherries in many orchards. There’s not enough workers to harvest, or work in this day and age.

All too many keep pointing the finger at Obama, I agree he ain’t helping much, but there are too many people that are way too lazy. My mom taught me a saying, to get on your feet, you need to get off your butt. But I’m drifting off topic.

Why is it that all too many can’t spell or use our native language, both sentence construction, etc. Why?

Going to try and be on air over night Sunday into Monday.


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