Monday, July 14, 2014

We hit a slight snag and this ain’t Hollywood


Well we hit a piece of metal on the racetrack again. While production of the ad for HazzardAyre is low enough in the near free department, after I got over the shock, of the rate Vickie at TMG wanted to have Michele involved, I thought is there a less expensive path here. Like the fact that College is starting very soon, and finding a gal or two looking to picking up extra cash to support school, there might just be someone who can do it. Even if we need to book through such an outfit as Barbizon. Fact is between moving into the new facility in Woods Cross, perfecting the site, and all there is less cash in the stash right now.

Added to that and I thought it was very clear at the first talent interview at TMG, that the first two weeks in August that this two wheeled high octane canine, Wolf is on my way to and being at Sturgis. The last week or so of the month of July I fly to Oshkosh Wisconsin. Plus the airshow in ST. GEORGE, This is who we are and who I am.

Now one would think that with a consistent job board such as ours, shooting features for HazzardAyre, the website, as well as casting for the movie The Hazzard Knytes, you’d think that Vickie could urge Michele, to take a near discount assignment, kind of the test drive before the big buy.

But near $3,000.00 , hey this ain’t Hollywood. From what I gathered at that first interview that many of TMG’s talent could use bookings. But one can’t scalp a client on the first run on that race track.

Found out that Dirk, whose building the bigger site for both HazzardAyre as well as AyreWolfFM, also does freelance video production, and so on. He says he knows some talent.

Much to do, see ya’ll on the radio at 10:00AM.



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