Monday, July 14, 2014

Ever get the feeling Facebook is frightened of your content?

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Ever get the feeling that Facebook is spooked or extremely cautious of what you put on Facebook in Comments. What about the posters? If they’re going to censor you on a page, then don’t ask me to be a Friend of that page.

One of the things we have always done on the pages the Knytes and I put up on Facebook, is to let anyone, say anything in comments. Good or bad we enjoy truth, and honesty, likewise integrity.  That said sure, there are those that do get over the top, but a good thigh bite by the old Wolf, and the situation takes care of itself.

It’s like a few days ago, I get this thing from a posting on LinkedIn about what would I do, if someone trashed the company/club, or stole intellectual property? Simple, my resolve is medium sized bat, meet in person smack em up side the head. Amazing what attitude adjustments do. Oh sure one can be peaceful , best solution, do something physical. Gets people behaving instantly.

But getting back on target.

I leave comments on a page of Move it over for Tow truck Operators on this page called Proud to be part of the Towing Profession. Which I am, but I’ll guarantee you, that few if any of my comments stay up long enough for anyone to read. People want you to support, but not compete. The analogy is here, The Toew Bro’s is the only one of its kind organization wise that has our own media werx inside the group. Meaning we can produce Public Service Announcements(PSA’s) to go on TV , to emphasize the situation. But instead of the page, saying thank you and encouraging us, from those reading that page. All I see is Happy Wrecker Monday.

Sounds like maybe I might get off that page. If your not going to post my comments or a link to what we’re doing, you don’t need my or the 10,000 member strong, Toew Bro’s either.

The list goes on, but why does Facebook want you to have so many friends?

I only want the people I do business with or real friends I know as Facebook friends, not the fony ones that Facebook wants me to add all the time. Of course on that same lane Facebook, will penelize you for putting out too many friend requests.

What do you think?



Quote of the Day:
Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos.
--Will Durant
John 15:10“If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.”

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