Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outside Interests

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So got another sweet email from Vickie, she’s still willing to be in the mix, but I have some anterior motives for Michele.(No not that) but after I relocate to Evanston in September, I’ll need someone to manage and run the radio station here on a daily basis. Plus a relief on weekends. Which is why I was trying to get Vickie to send up Michele, herself and whoever as guard dogs, to discuss the concept of having Michele as area commander of HazzardAyre/KNAK AM. But now I get to wondering. My feelers are out for alternative talent. Got some kid says he’ll be here on Thursday as a roomy, likewise someone to take this crap hole in September. August is going to be tight time wise. Saturday I fly out from here to Oshkosh, then back Monday. try to train an intern and hopefully Michele, I think $30.00 an hour is a good base wage to work from on the radio side. Then its outta here for Sturgis, that I know was mentioned at minimum of 18 times, even with an open invite for any models wanting to ride up. Still no inquiries. Besides Michele there was this slightly older blonde gal there that would make a great weekender. Of course one that sat the closest to me by Vickie’s staff member in the room, I wanted to explore more of, in a professional manner. But at only 15 minutes each did not get a chance to get the gals to show off what they had.

Then Vickie was saying something of getting to know me and/or the club.

These blogs that I do every day, sometimes 5 times a day, is one of the best ways to get to know us.

Every event, every project, every move except going to the head(rest-room) is chronicled right here in this blog. If someone wants to know me and the club, read the darn blog, that’s why its written.

Finally tonight, saw this kid who says his mother is hot. Looked her up, she is, but she’s a head shrink, and I don’t think such a mundane job pitching the good things of HazzardAyre would be something she’d be interested in. But I think Utah’s images and complacency is being kicked right now. First Utah’s economy looks great, but scratch under the skin and you find transients sleeping in the doorway of an old shopping mall just off of Washington Blvd. You see a web tech, who only pays $75.00 for a desk in a bigger complex. most likely for aesthetics, and of course the states former attorney general, getting arrested. Really a fine calling card for those looking to be part of the domestic peoplesphere. Which is why, Evanston will be the home of both AyreWolf Aviation and of course Cooter’s A1 Toewing.

Details in the AM edition.



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