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Some people think that as I bad mouth a community large or small, that I have an udder disdain for that place.

I had it in Twin Falls, and I am having it here in Ogden. Same situation might be amplified , or the attitude may be its not in line with LDS, philosophy. Be that as it is, it goes much deeper. When I see things so high priced at least real estate, rentals anyway, that exceeds what is intelligent or what would allow a business to open and flourish, it makes me sick.

Sure Obama, has kicked our ass for the last 4 years, and the four years prior, but shit was askew during both Bush administrations. The only time we even had near prosperity, was during the Clinton Administration, maybe we need more Southern mind in that big house in DC.

But government is just one mere part of the equation. Many people are just plain, pure ass’d greedy.

Instead of renting to a person that has a secure income, that could get on a program to get off the Government’s gravy train, no they don’t see that. So by the time one gets rent on office and or shop, house and or apartment, you might have $21.00 or if lucky another $25.00 or so in your pocket to live on. At least for the third to fourth year of the business.

I was chatting with a former colleague of mine that is a good friend, runs WROX in Mississippi that told me how hard it was for him and even now can’t afford to hire even a sales person, or extra help. He’s basically doing the same thing as I am with HazzardAyre. He calls it Voice Tracking, me I call it running a shared show from one of our affiliated networks. The only alternative is using old VCR tapes, put an image on the video, and record the radio show on the audio track, at least although it’ll replay, is that it’ll rewind, and start over again. I never believed I’d have to do that. I surly thought that for $30.00 an hour I could get none member intern/female/on air talent at least show hosts and co-hosts, on the air either as a solo run or as a co-pilot spot. Nope thing is little red ryding hood don’t want to step in the big bad Wolf’s Lair, but will that change in the new facility? Let you know, but somehow don’t think so. But I’m off the main topic.

So was getting ready to turn in for the day, and was checking out Yahoo email, and saw on the TRENDING NOW window something about portable personal air conditioners. Thought it was a product review of some sort. Nope, a full bunch of ads. What Yahoo is that hard up? Must be. My radio friend and I are of about the same mind, and have nearly walked in the same spots. He started at KEEP AM 1450 in Twin Falls Idaho, so did I, Paul, moved to SLC, worked at one of the stations I did, although when I did, it was an AM not an FM, then he worked for Citadel, at KQFC, so did I, and now he runs his own operation with the same independent small station mind I have. No big corporate crap, not trying to be a Goliath, but rather a mere David in a forest of a ton of mega dollar stations.

Bigger does not always mean better. Dig this, I can run music of independent and near unknown artists without jumping thro a bunch of hoops  to do so. Where as a big Conglomerate owned station has 4 people at least to give an okay. By the same travel lane, big old Comcast, the big powerhouse it is, seems to be off more than its on any more. Every other night, its either the phone for Cooter’s or the phone for HazzardAyre or the Internet for HazzardAyre, or the damn consumer TV, is fuggled up somehow and not all the channels I pay for am I getting. Yet I’m paying really premium prices. Both Satellite companies are the same, yet tiny little AllWest out of Kamas Utah, that serves the far east half of Utah is the same rate wise, but seldom goes offline. At least their engineering department would call me ahead of time and say het we’re out because. As AllWest knew we supplied news and weather information to Randolph , Woodruff, Utah , Evanston, Fort Bridger and CokeVille Wyoming. Our Over the air was okay in such instances but the source of information would be out, like CNN, and-or the Weather Channel. was down so we had a handicap, but at least AllWest worked with us. Over time AllWest even rebroadcasted our stuff on their call waiting. Such as when one called and AllWest would put em on hold, instead of junk music etc , people would hear us. Like wise over time, AllWest and Confederate Steele(then Southern-Steele) Media and us would do an exchange , Internet and phone, for air time commercials. I still had to pay for TV, but at least the essentials were covered. But can I get that from Comcast? Yea in my dreams. Yet Comcast is spending tons of money with local media, TV and other radio stations. And we charge less than they do. Both ad time and production time.

There are some firms that understand that by washing my back I’ll wash theirs, Comcast don’t see that. Oh and overnight tech support, or weekends, Comcast might say, they do 24 hour service, but not for business accounts. Likewise, try to understand those call center helpers from Bangladesh.

This is why, I see all too many people cutting the cord with Comcast every month when I truck over to Layton to pay our bill. There is a full house there of people bringing their equipment back why? tired of getting it up their six’s. Now I like Comcast when its running full bore. Plus I love Laura who set us up to begin with although this Robert Welch here , his attitude was not too inviting. There was another sweetheart in Denver that helped me the other day, we fixed my problem related to billing, but then had a nice chat. Where else is that in Comcast? Comcast may be the numero uno Cable provider in America, Comcast may own NBC/Universal, but damn they have a long way to go, to being customer friendly and more over living up to their hype.

As far as Yahoo, Trending Now. Why don’t they just have Ads that are Trending?

Any mile, I need sleep. See all on the afternoon haul, on HazzardAyre.

Final , program note. HazzardAyre will begin airing in the afternoons from 13:00(1:00PM) to 00:00(Midnight) when Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio will reairing, again. Yes that’s right Dixie Diesel is returning, Trucker radio , done Hazzard Style, starting September 3rd,2014.




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