Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So wuzz up with this nylon crap?


good morning I am a cheese sandwich ready to melt any time you combine this>OHP_67608_Suntan_is on these;nylons_thumb3 that turns out looking like this;images or this;b77c3cc51a924bc66d0040d04ec61a8c or this;e47faf8abb589d936648e24f9327a2ad and especially like this;55e36e325448a14c6bba40ad50e4ed07 and of course this;e784d000d3ec770be15acbbbf0f52a2a .

There are all kinds of speculations of where the interest started, but suffice to say the human female lower quadrant has always been one of the fastest methods of meltdown for ye ole AyreWolf here.

Maybe it was the fact that working on set as well as off with Kathy of Dukes-of-Hazzard fame and her hot lower limbs, maybe it was the vision I saw as a youth on the cartoon version of Cinderella, who knows.

It was one of my 4 SheWolvez that once came up with the idea, that if I had to work a long time with some hot set of legs, but really smelly feet in those hose, that I’d get my fill of it, and I’d be over that obsession. Thing is her idea only fueled it more.

Now the origin of the idea, that, and I’d love to take credit for it, but wont since it wasn’t me, but a long time ago, back in the early 1970’s a towing service out of New Mexico started the phenomenon. In his Yellow Pages ad, he said, “ We Don’t want your arms or legs, just your tows. The idea of rhyming the two words TOW with TOE, again was not my doings, however I will not say that I’m all for it.

My idea of the perfect tow service TV ad, was inspired by a plumbing company out of Boise. Where there was this older gal who lived on snob hill in Boise, that had her toilet get messed up. So she calls this plumbing outfit, so at the end of the ad, we see the plumber kiss this older gals hand whilest she was sitting on her black marble sink with gold fixtures, the tag line ran as, “ We treat our customers like royalty.”

So I got this idea, have a kountry gal in a Jeep or pickup break down , the gal in her hot short shorts, in nylons of course, she calls for help on ye ole CB, and here I come to the rescue. At the end of the ad she’s sitting on the table top dollies on LexiBelle, 37299_123730071003099_6489055_n and I like the fabled Prince from Cinderella, putting on the glass high heel, I gently kiss the kountry gals toes in nylons of course, with the tag , “ We Luv Tows.” erin n me It wasn’t until one of my interns at KDSL in Gooding, Idaho that said why not just scrunch the letters together as TOEWS ? So I did and the result is>WE LUV TOEWZ that turned into the infamous poster we run as>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n as such finding the right gal with the maturity, as well as the more free spirit and not so inhibited mindset to carry that off has been one of those tasks that should seem simple, but isn’t. Most candidates think its some goofball with a nylon or foot fetish, more often it feels like border line porn. Yet its to get the idea in a kinky style of a way that day, night, sun or snow, if ya’ll need a toew we go. Ever since the start of that project, I am always looking at every applicant I’m always looking at feet, if I can see them, as well as toes, since you don’t want huge feet and off looking toes, you want elegant as well as dainty toes, and yes for sanitary reasons, wearing nylons.

Now to round this out here this early morning. And today I’m taking the day off for needed rest, but I have been chastised on using a word meant for lot lizard, Hooker. Our definition is cb trucker talk or slang for tow truck. Although both DixieWolf Toewing of Boise, (my company as well) and Cooter’s A1 Toewing of Bliss Idaho and Ogden Utah(again my Company) the main company will always be what I started with Highway Hooker Toewing. I first got the idea for the name from two sources. The first was from a featured white pearl tow truck from Texas that the editors of Overdrive Magazine titled the Happy Hooker. The next was fellow Toew Bro’s (A Knytes-of-Anarchy subsidiary) member who did up some T shirts with a heavy duty tow truck at the top, a silhouette of a pavement princess in the middle and a light duty tow truck at the bottom, the shirt read, “ Our Hookers Handle all Sizes” it was kinky, but catchy and got the idea across. So after I got LexiBelle>37299_123730071003099_6489055_n I thought hey here’s the company name Highway Hooker Toewing, and I’ve never really looked back.

Finishing up, so the way to my heart, is these>nylons_thumb3 in these>OHP_67608_Suntan_is that turns out looking like this,

e47faf8abb589d936648e24f9327a2ad  the way to get hired by me for the club, or for my company, is these>nylons_thumb3 in these>OHP_67608_Suntan_is that without a million questions and has the courage to put the idea into the initial interview, so that at the end of that interview she does this>erin n me so that we end up with the ad that turns out like this>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n or for those in Utah that can remember >COOTERS TOEW AD_thumb So Sammi you and the rest of the gals remember its feet, toes in nylon hose, that’s how to score points.


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