Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, the Birth of the Knytes of Anarchy


So it was, back in 2008 the snow fell, satellite TV sucked, and a need to revise the Hazzard County Knytes was required. The TV image we had assumed was running out of gas, the deep southern kountry thing which we retained , still needed a path to urbanize the club. Take it out of its deep rural roots and enable the club to be taken into towns and cities.

So the club’s High Council met in the small town of Glenn’s Ferry. Where as the snow got worse and the suds kept flowing, the only satellite channel on DirecTV was FX. The only show Son’s of Anarchy.

So the decision was made to rename the Hazzard County Knytes to the Knytes-of-Anarchy, with the emphasis on classic over the road long haul trucks, trucking the trucking lifestyle, old skool. Rather than the MC direction that the club eventually went. So yes there were truckers who rode Harley’s plus it gave me a way to make extra cash for my stash alongside going towing. So with the opening of Hazzard County Choppers, in Buhl, the Knytes followed that path, but had the night been better off weather wise, had there been another TV channel with something else going on the name change might not have happened, but Heavenly Father saw the need, and provided us the way to get there.

Okay then, another Sunday, done and weekend finished. I went to church, and saw the gal I want to be involved in the radio station. Tried to get a chance to talk to her, but never got to make the connection. There were I’m betting people there that thought that me pursuing Wanda, (that’s her name) as a mate, which would be totally in appropriate. First she’s too young for me, second , well that side of it would not work. But she has good looks that would work as a TV news or such on air person for the TV side of KDXC, second she has a great speaking voice. So I think she’d make a great broadcast person.

Met with a few people that are not LDS, but has the tenacity and desire, to go media, even without being paid, for a few months, since that’s the way its got to be. Igniting this radio/tv station here in Evanston, is not as easy as you’d think. First there’s the licensing, which we got just by the hair of our teeth, both AM/FM , TV is still being acted on by the FCC. But Senator, and club member from Utah, is getting that all fast tracked for us. Plus the fact that I’m only one person, I have to get something going to feed and house myself. Sure I’m thankful and grateful to our Ward and our Bishop for helping, me this month and the next three months, so I can get this radio thing running, but there’s also the towing service/MC(Motorcycle-Harley) shop as well, that’s my main gig. I’m tired of being on the church’s and the states welfare roles. I want to make my own. Look, next month I hit the big 56, yard stick on this highway of life. There’s not too many if any at all exits, or rest areas left. I want to make Evanston as cold as it is sometimes my home if possible. Jobs are scarce here , at least ones that pay decent. Plus I don’t do well working for someone else except myself. That requires me to run my own show. The Knytes have enabled me to do that, and if along the road here, I can help someone else, like Wanda, why not? Isn’t that what Heavenly Father wants me to do?

Any mile, lots to do today.