Saturday, March 21, 2015

Better more qualified people out there


I’ve said before, I’ll say it again, they shun the club, but eventually they all come back after.

Thing is as it is there might not be anything to come back to. Oh yes the radio/tv station perhaps, but the Reaper, not hardly.

I’d rather put $4k a month into the radio station without the rest of the pain in my wallet , than put a mil plus into a bar, before we even can make a dollar. That’s not good business sense. But like I said, most of the time, its better if I do much of this myself.

As far as hiring someone to oversee the radio station, why? Nate and crew can do that, but my tiny butt don’t need to be here.

So Britt is out, but then what did I think would happen, with a 21 year old?

This effort on behalf of the Knytes to Evanston has been too much of a pain, and quite simply I’m done with it.

The lack of support, the lack of qualified people to run things outside of the club, and so on. Why? For an ungrateful community that can’t see the forest for the trees? I’ll just fade out as gingerly as I faded in and forget Evanston Wyoming exists.

I’m tired of going hungry, having to live in a tax deferred housing community, freezing, having a internet service that barely delivers the entire thing in a proper speed, the list goes on, so since we have reached a dead end, might as well put the kibosh to it, and me be looking to going home to Idaho, three strikes and we’re , rather me and I’m out.

Britt says she found something out, well don’t know what that is, in fact I’ll bet she ran across those assholes from Mountain Home, that we were having a turf war with, but nothing I have told her was bullshit, and if she’d have stayed in long enough she’d have found that all is as I have told her.

There’s a soap opera there, and its deeper than what I or the club wants to deal with.

Okay then.

Had I thought a productive meeting this morning, although I didn’t want to wake up.

Think we may have someone to build the clubs website, but who knows. Any more when it comes to anyone or anything Wyoming at least western Wyoming I need to be convinced by example, and deed, as so far, all I get is a bunch of people that say they can do this or that, but simply fall on their face with bald faced lies, and excuses.

So I’m tending to going towing and the radio station, get my junk put together so late May my Wolf-Pack is outta here including me.


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