Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In our world, performance counts


Still can’t sleep.

In the world of Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing, performance counts, or its out. There are dozens of examples, but if its something I’m involved in as my company, or something the club gets involved in, its Git-R-Done, or we’re out of it.

Now , sure we could just give the big middle finger to the local gals here, hire model talent from Hollywood, shoot the ads and be done with it. Sure we’d have many local officials and city fathers and county grandfathers bitching on, “why didn’t you hire local gals for this?” Our response is, “ We tried, but you were too stuck up to do anything, nothing personal but this is business” . This is not a new happening.

I remember back in 84, we built a off road version of ye old General Lee, and were just about to open what we called the Hazzard County Garage, Truck and 4x4 shop. The father of the Dixie Diesel Shop. So Bro(Ace-of-Spades Culbertson) had his main squeeze do it. However the only reason she did it, was because she got jealous, because I had booked a pro model out of Burbank, through Four Wheeler Magazine, who we were running ads with at the time, to shoot a feature. Claressa got peeved at Bro, who got me to use Claressa , and not the pro model. He said it’d save us money. Bullshit, if I’d have just used the pro model, we’d have been on the cover, as it was we became the back cover and lost brownie points. Since then the idea is to use pro agencies when we need this kind of thing. But the High Council said, try to find locals for this to generate local brownie points.

That said, I can remember last year, about this time. We went to Talent Management Group of Utah. Spent a full afternoon there. Never did get to fully audition anybody including trying the kiss on the toes in nylon hose, the one gal we thought was good for the project was too expensive, especially when I never could get TMG to have her drive up to Ogden for a second interview. So doing business with a pro agency, and there are only two in the area, TMG and McCarty’s in Salt Lake City. The rest are schools disguised as agencies. Few if any of them have SAG, or AFTRA certification, and many are students trying to do modeling/acting to fund going to college to do something else besides modeling/acting.

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