Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh for the love of it all


Oh for the love of it. I was going to close when in looking over my postings on my Gmail saw Zeb Bell’s thing on how much he respected and honored the military. Now ain’t calling him no liar or anything, but where was that respect and honor, when yours truly and those members of the AyreWolvez who flew with and of the infamous VMA214 BlackSheep squadron, based in Yuma Arizona, United States Marine Corps MCAS ? We have attempted I don’t know how many times we have tried to put news and even get a bit of audio ink on Zeb’s show as well as KBAR itself. Frustrated , we even tried to buy KBAR once, but got KO’d at the final stage of purchase. Something to do with being a bit edgy radio. Where was Zeb’s honor and respect of our military, on that stage? Here we wanted to bring aviation albeit with a southern based, confederate spin on it, but radio that for once told of the air battles etc that not only us but all military aviators, went through and lived to tell about it. We tried to buy the few hours on the weekend to talk about military flight, the aircraft, the squadrons etc, but nope said Gina nope can’t do that. Where was Zeb’s support there?

If anyone thinks that its always been smooth sailing for our organizations over the years, even in Idaho on our own home turf , your wrong. But we overcame the problems. Over time we were able to find the people and resources we needed, even to the point of erecting our own radio stations. Syndicating our two shows, HazzardAyre and AyreWolffm. Sure it got frustrating trying to find models in Twin Falls, even lady voices and lady co host anchors, but eventually we’d find some. To really answer a question , why then did I leave in 2013? I’ll tell you. A jackass from Lake Tahoe said we’d be better off with our online radio show in a place with a better online pipeline than what Twin Falls offered at the time. Most likely still is the same problem. As far as leaving Utah, had the people that owned I4 Solutions where HazzardAyre was HQ’d not have been in such a hurry for me to relocate me, out of there residence wise, we’d most likely still be there.

But I’m getting off course here.

I hear all the time about how they honor and thank us for our service. The real deal? Don’t give us respect and honor with your damn lips or your keyboard. How about giving us jobs? How about helping organizations out here trying to help our fellow air and ground warriors? How about donating to the causes of setting up slush funds for returning military, from Afghanistan, Iraq and such. Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, the AyreWolvez, and a few others, who are here nursing and comforting those coming home that suffer from hidden wounds, like PTSD and such. No you don’t see any action that way, but my how they say the honor and respect us. How about giving military discount or preferred housing, or at least rental assistance? EBT cards, so we can at least eat while waiting for paper work to clear DoD. How about big media people like Zeb, barking a bit on his show of fund raiser events for such things? Nope, but he’ll yap about how much he honors us.

He was talking about Bo from Sun Valley area of Idaho, the guy being singled out for desertion, and being court-martialed on an article 82 hearing. Nobody really knows what happened there. If you all knew Bo as I do, you would not say that. Bo was a solid Patriot in every way. Bo was kidnapped, brainwashed and made to do things he was not in control of, but hey somebody has to get blamed and convicted here so Bo is a sacrificial lamb, being slaughtered, when he is only guilty of circumstances beyond his control. But hey Zeb you sure honor the military, don’t you? Bullsbreath. I read Zeb’s blog every week or so and most of the time he is dead on, but mostly his comments are guided by a now married former news anchor of KMVT who pulls the strings of Zeb’s daily radio show, just like a puppeteer.

People everywhere does not like anyone who fights the system , not just to fight it, but because the system is broken. People do not like someone with a rebel, open independent mind. Oh Zeb barks about how America is being bamboozled by Obama and the Republicrats, and the Demolicans , people who are busting hump, to fix this nation but are hammered and hindered . Zeb says he wishes all would be like John Wayne. Okay , where was the Big Duke attitude when we wanted to be a guest on Zeb’s radio show to talk about the true history and version of the war of northern invasion? Ya’ll call it the Civil WAr. It wasn’t Civil at all, It really was a racketeering ploy by not so honest Abe, on the southern people. John Wayne was a huge supporter of the southern movement, including both the Knytes-of-Anarchy as well as the AyreWolvez. But did Zeb let us on? Nope, I got turned away from KBAR, had to call in on a cell phone in freezing rain, and then only gave about 30 seconds.

I just hate carpetbagging yankees that never live up to even their own hype.

My opinion I could be wrong.

Stay Tuned and God Bless Dixie>images <

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