Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sorry , but the club does not need you, but You sure need the club

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It happens just about every time with just a few exceptions, the club hires outside of membership, and the new hires split, because their not making immediate money. Hard to say that just a week not Matt and Sammi decided to go elsewhere. But this was not a employment gig. They needed a place to do Tattoos, the club needed somebody to do ink, the club agreed to pay rent on a place for them to do that, in exchange for a drastic reduction in the cost of them doing the ink for the club members.

But they chose to bail, something to do with me using up their time. Fine go elsewhere the club doesn’t need you, you need the club, but hey go out and find someone else as accommodating as I and or the club is. You don’t bite the hands that are feeding you, nor growl at someone bringing you the food. You work with the club , the club works for you. I get tired of the bullshit. You try to give a hand up, and get kicked in the jaw, I have two more interviews for new hires. The stage has been set for the Reaper Club, but its not so set in stone or ink on paper, that I can’t say bag it. Sure the western Wyoming flagship hq for HazzardAyre Radio/TV will be here, that’s why I left Utah and have went through so much crap that no amount of ass wipe can clean it up. But if certain people have their head up their butts so far that they refuse see the light, I haven’t got the time, nor inclination nor am I willing to mess with them.

In closing, Matt and Sammi are history, the Reaper Club is holding on a thread, but radio hq will be here, but I’m already looking at the July departure. I’m sick of it.

Tell you how the interview goes Friday afternoon.

So to Matt, Sammi, and much of Evanston, The Knytes do not need you, but you sure as heck need the Knytes.


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