Monday, March 16, 2015

Hope your not still sleeping


Do you do your sidework?

When in doubt watch those getting it done, more importantly can YOU do it better?

Each weekend I watch TV, not just the Disney Channel. Sure the entertainment channels are sort of entertaining, and yes during ratings sweeps, the cable and other broadcast channels run the good stuff, but too, the informational news channels. For me in our industry I watch anything to do with toewing.

The Weather Channel, runs this series called Highway through Hell , that is a real to life expose of a large tow company in Canada. I watch to see if and how they do recoveries. They call them Heavy Rescue calls, and sometimes I’ll think, dang I never thought of doing it that way, or chute I’d never do that, that way. But I learn something all the time.

Which brings me to a slight off camber subject that has again came into the view.

Any time the club starts flexing its muscle, people think that my company, even me is paying for what ever it is. Few understand that I am but a instrument of the club. My company is very small , sure we do as a company make okay money, but 90% of what we make goes back into the company. I’m grateful to have 7 great franchise owner/managers, that keep the wheels turning so that we’re earning, but just because its been a great number of great people that have stood by me and are my other extended family.

Even so, what the Knytes-of-Anarchy and the AyreWolvez do, is not directly if at all connected to what AyreWolf Aviation/Highway Hooker Toewing does. They are two distinct and separate entities. That albeit I manage both only one I own, the other is due to my membership in the other and the duty, that I perform due to loyalty, and brotherhood. Just because the Knytes have deep pockets does not mean I do. My resources are few and are stretched tighter than a undersized pair of leotards on a fat woman. This subject came up the other day when a near associate asked and texted our new hire asking questions. Like if he has this kind of money why does his rides look so old? Simple they are MY rides, not the club. Sure I’d like to have the big money that the club does, but too , did anyone think, that’s why any documents or payment things has to me mailed by snail mail, to club HQ in California to get paid, rather than just me paying bills out of my pocket.

I guess no body looks up or does their homework any more.

Now why is it that the toew trucks and all of that are not here and the drag out of the location of Hazzard County Choppers? Reason, when I unplugged from Twin Falls in 2014 to Ogden, it was not to erect nor to operate my companies in either Utah and or Wyoming. It was simply to re-establish HazzardAyre Radio/TV in Ogden now Woods Cross Utah and here in Evanston.

The reason one sees meager furnishings here, in the quarters I reside in, here in Evanston, is due to the fact that I came here, to fire a radio station, not relocate or extend HCC/Highway Hooker Toewing. Bottom line I hate in all too many ways , Evanston Wyoming. I hate the backwards mindset, the clannish, cliquish , and yes I’ll say it retarded methodology. I hate being around so many doubting Thomas’ and arrogant Betty’ , disbelieving , none thinkers, willing to bring them out of the box, into obscure or left field ideas. Of all the types of business’ here what I hear mostly is, we need a good long range radio station here. We want our Own TV station here, reporting WYOMING news, not that from Utah. And yet our city councils and so on spends lotsa money promoting things on UTAH TV stations and radio stations.

Now let’s get back on course here.

The concept that the Knytes-of-Anarchy is a motorcycle club is only about 10% accurate. The Knytes are more a commercial long haul heavy duty truck enthusiasts group. That is together to share our affection of old skool trucking, the legacy of and admiration of trucking’s yesteryear, and hopefully move that old skool to whit the Knytes-of-Anarchy will be reverting back to its original name as the Rode Knytes Association this fall. The other half of the organization is the Toew Bro’s Association which is us who love our old style but able custom painted , themed , tricked out toew trucks.

If it were up to the organization, The Reaper, would just be GearHeads, and become a truck stop, rather than anything else.

The membership of the clubs are spread out all over Wyoming. Wyoming’s main body of the Knytes is located in Rock Springs, Afton, and Jackson Hole. Not, let me REPEAT, NOT EVANSTON. Ever since the all night progressive attitude of Evanston changed about the time the oil and natural gas wells pulled up and out of here, our membership pretty much decided that Evanston was a place to be avoided. The only reason the radio station is being constructed here is that community of I-80/84 out here that has no or a very small voice. If it were not for that the radio station would be going up somewhere in southeastern Idaho, like Bancroft or Montpelier. There are people there including my next of kin that would make that work. As far as the Reaper, that’s in the clubs hands. As soon as I get the paperwork on it, and it can be voted on, that will happen, but only on the heels of the success or lack of , of the radio station. After all, if we can’t get the right amount of eye candy or ear candy for the radio station, how the hell are we going to get 20 hot bodies to tend bar, serve food etc? After all , its one thing to pay $250.00 a month for a near turnkey spot for the radio station, its another to be raking out $2,500.00 a month and all that money, that requires to run an all out trucker/biker/aviator bar/cafe. As far as my company, if I were to add on a new set of locations, it’d be either Montpelier or Bancroft/Grace Idaho, not Evanston Wyoming.

Any mile more this afternoon, but with all the interviews of new hires, I have yet to have one or two, come in, and me smooch, or examine toes. for>erin n me to make>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n maybe Britt and or her friend will do that today.