Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Church dinner reeking havoc on my insides KnyteLyne


So I went to the Wards dinner and auction. Had some great conversation with a member and it was kinda cool.

Found out the gal I was pitching the model thing to’ name is Lexi. Funny my toew truck’s name is LexiBelle. Strange? Maybe.

So then found that I have ruptured a bottom radiator hose on the General, so taking that out to Nate’s Friday and will be scooting around in the WolfPup. No biggy, got tunes in WolfPup. Going to soon be upped at Priesthood to Priest very excited about that, and of course progressing in my church so all good there.

So sat there after and had a talk with Niki, my neighbor, who was there for the spoils, but not the substance. I mentioned that she needed to pray about the problems she is having, put the problem in the hands of our Heavenly Father, her response was that her faith was tarnished to say the least. Had no reason to pray, my thought was , then why are you here asking the Bishop for help?

I never said that and limited my train of thought, that while its okay to ask our Bishop for help on things to get back on our feet, the Church is not a all the time lending institution, that requires no responsibility. Our Father in Heaven, expects us to do something for the blessings we get, most often that something is not anything more than to believe in him, his son Jesus Christ who gave us the greatest gift of all, he died on a cross for our sins. Our responsibility to our Father in Heaven is as simple as faith and love in him, and to pray. Pray diligently to him, ask him for what you need, ask him for what you need to do, not just go to the Bishop. The Bishop or Padre depending on your denomination is a messenger, a divine servant of our Heavenly Father, so if you ask just the Bishop for help, without asking , praying to our Heavenly Father, its just as good or not, asking just a human on Earth.

Sure and over the last 8 months I have pretty much depended on help from the Church, but I also go to Church, I also pray and say Heavenly Father if this is to happen, whatever it is , I’m putting it, whatever it is, in your hands, I trust you will make the right decision, because I live in the area of thought in my heart and soul that Its the plan of our Heavenly Father, as thy will be done, not always just as I will it to be done.

Any mile much to do Thursday,


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