Monday, March 23, 2015

And to think I could have stayed in TF all weekend


So got through the weekend. Still peeved about Britt quitting, but hey another prospect employee leaving isn’t that big a deal, except it makes me wonder, did or am I doing something wrong, and would someone tell me what it is?

Is it the fact that my rides are 15 years old? I love rat rods and old trucks. I like owning stuff I can fix, if need be.

Or at least Nate.

All weekend I rolled around in my head, should I just bag this? Go back to Ground Zero or at least TF (Twin Falls) or do as my insides say, stay long enough to prove some of the doubting Thomas’ and Fretting Betty’ wrong and build the mighty HazzardAyre’s new franchise outlet here.

Still trying to decide on doing the bar, but there’s a month there to decide.

The fact that I am even still here on a Monday, is I had a meet and greet at Jodies Diner, here with one of our photographers and our web designer. She’s cool, and her son seems okay. But yet I have sent three pages to her over in Cokeville , yet she hasn’t responded.

Maybe now that Britt is out perhaps the lady photographer is too. If so I wish she’d just tell me, then I could go find someone else. As we have a outfit in Provo ready to jump in, build the site for HazzardAyre, which , again is launching its sibling Maximum Overdrive Radio here in Evanston in June, and I’d like to have a lot of this outside stuff done. I’d like KDXC to have its companion website launch at the same time, in June.

But its like a friend told me the other day here, Evanston is not Atlanta, its not Nashville, will never be Hollywood, and is just barely able to compete if it can at all with Metro Utah. There’s just some things that are available in the big city even Twin Falls that just is not available in Evanston. I just hate when someone just keeps me dangling on the hook.

Going to be away from this area, beginning April 2nd. Going over to TF to start looking for a place to live and all, so On May 1st or so, fetch the rest of the gear from Woods Cross Utah and reinstall in Burley. Hey I can sleep at Motel 6 here while we get Maximum Overdrive going here, in Evanston, but I don’t have to live here.

I had grand hopes for Evanston and the immediate area this run at it. The town could be so much more than it is, but it just may be there are people here that want it to shrink to a tiny small town again and never gain or graduate to being another Park City.



10383575_1417716608501865_5048625207244004099_n knyte bye