Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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I got a call earlier during the news, wondering am I pineing for our new hire prospect, since I’ve been somewhat mushy on Facebook and so on.

My response is simply No I have NO ROMANTIC interest there. There is way too much of an age, and culture gap, for that to even be in the picture or plan. Sure I’d kiss her toe for a TV ad, but I’d never allow anything beyond that.

As far as being kind, complimentary, supportive and offering counseling. You bet I will, as I would any member of the Knytes or AyreWolvez.

Both the Knytes and especially the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez, are a big family, either through direct membership, or as an adopted part of the family, through employment. This is a mandatory condition of being involved with us, no one is allowed to work for or perform duty to either club, without being part of the family, through direct membership or indirectly as an adopted or prospective member. As such no matter the personal problems or concerns that person has, I’m never too busy to sit down and just talk, and be a soundboard for any member or prospect that needs someone to talk to. Heck I may some time have a problem that Britt could help me with, beyond standard employment which there is nothing standard about being employed by the Wolf-Pack or the Knytes.

I just simply like the young lady, who has went through some bad shit, who needs an adult or at least an older friend. That is me, and hopefully, if I need her, she’ll be there should I need a soundboard or listening shoulder.

Just wanted to clear that up.

So who would be the right lady to be my personal SheWolf? Simple;, Gretchen Wilson, with April Scott’ legs, and be a true southern belle. All confederate, a full rebel.


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