Monday, March 16, 2015

new rules at Facebook, might prevent you from sharing or posting to YOUR page

BIG HAG HEDDER Afternoon Delyte

Scanned this article from DigiTrends Online, about the new rules of Facebook TOS and what can be posted and what will be removed. Guess the idea of free speech and rights to post what YOU want as opposed to the wants of the great majority are not the same thing. Two thoughts come up there, one if you don’t post anything except what YOU feel is appropriate on YOUR page, it is after all YOUR page or your Timeline. It is after all that of which you have invited your friends to view, so it should be up to you, not Facebook. Your so called Facebook have two choices, read and enjoy, or defriend you and ignore. It’s up to them. After all your not posting to a community bulletin board, your posting to Your friends on YOUR Timeline on your newsfeed on your Page.

The new restrictions are no bare butts, jugs, or infinite discussions of serious sexual encounters. Really? That means you can put up a photo like this>41194a10838f3014fbdc10fb683deabd however you can’t post something like this>up and over even though her butt is in nylons.

You can post this>black cat or this>blak sox however not this>no shorts or this>needs work Freedom of expression is no longer welcome at Facebook.

Gotta say our Britt, her attire today was inviting and just about enough to where if she would have just whispered , she’d have had me. However as friendly as I may be, there’s albeit thin, but a line where I’m boss her, employee. I just wish just once , without me even asking , that she offer me her toes so she can do this>erin n me to make this>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n There must be some goofy reason, women of all ages either don’t want to show their toes, or allow someone to play around them. I wish someday somebody would explain to me one time why.

One thing of operations that came up when I suggested, that Britt start to write articles etc for the printed version of HazzardAyre, that she didn’t write well. If one can’t write a blog post, or gather information to write articles, how is she going to gather information and write program radio copy for air delivery? How is she going to be a journalist? As well as a broadcaster.

In closing no toe smooch, but still working on it.


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