Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No matter how bad she really is odoriffic, a guy will still want to smell her


This all started two days ago, a few of my crew and I were watching Lab Rats on the Disney Channel, when they overlap Disney XD on Disney. Any mile there was Miss Kelly dressed in her tight pair of coveralls>126644_0402 and one of our crew members asks, think her crotch smells in those>? So I started thinking about all the raunchiest parts of female human anatomy that women cover with the tightest fabrics and styles you could imagine. So thought is, and we covered it on the air this morning(see what you miss, when you don’t tune into HazzardAyre Radio(www.livestream.com/hazzardayre) but no matter how bad it might smell us male corpuscles still want a sniff. The tighter and slinkiest of fabrics, even biker leather when draped or cocooning even the most treasured of body parts guys need really need to smell it. Especially the vaginal area.

Yet these same areas unless the guy is queer, would make most other he wolves , hurl, if we even went that far. However , butt, crotch, under pits don’t matter the foulest the better, with some dumb ass’d comment like, “ hey it smells like musk cologne” really smells like Mr.. Clean with Clorox to me. On this subject, have you ever really looked at it?

The human female vulva and surrounding area, is one of the most ugliest parts of her body to view. Sure we’ll lick that thing like Grandpa licking an ice cream cone, we’ll tongue that thing like tonguing a bowl of cake frosting out of a bowl, and yes we’ll even poke fun at it, but if you really look at it, it looks like a dried up prune pit. Or peach pit depending on her build. Then we go around back. Which for all his great abilities, Heavenly Father would not make a good city planner. After all who would put a recreation and culinary area, next to a sanitation dump. Yet many guys will always comment on just how tight, how firm and how nice a gals butt is, truth be known , many women, no matter how well she knows you, will not let you play back there. And forget your shaft, not going to happen. I know some male wolvez that will lick that butt and crack clean, like slurping gravy out of a bowl, they say its like eating candy. Really , I don’t even think Candie will let you. In all my weird ideas that would not be on my list. Moving up from there, her arm pits, the insides of her ears, one taste and we’re back for more. Any way need to get back to other matters, but hey we’ll be back later, with any luck Sammi will come over or have someone come over and we’ll have a demo pic fest for you to see overnight, nylons on toes .


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