Thursday, March 19, 2015

Enough of the Facebook Dramas, there are some good men out here


I’m flat tyred of seeing all of these women, with ultra sharp bodies bitching about some guys that have messed over on them. I’ll bet my next tank of Av gas that most if not all of them had something to do with the guy walking.

Most men are ultra domestic. All we want is a woman that really cares, fulfills all his carnal desires, even trying new things. A woman that has no problem with assuming the usual housewife roles, and yet will support him.

Just like buying a new truck. Don’t talk to the person selling the truck, talk to the mechanic as to how hard it is to maintain it.

Women are not much different, don’t just be subdued by her good looks and her sweet cosmetics, go talk to the guy that was given the shaft, on how difficult it was to be living with her. Was she there every night? How much did she spend on none important things like shoes, hair salons? Was she there last time you were sick? Did she serve you soup? Or was she out with the girls while you were trying to get better to go back to work to maintain her lifestyle?

Of course there are some jackass’ out there, that thinks physical violence is the way to make her obedient , when in real life some serious understanding and really listening to her problems and concerns.

Giving her the attention she deserves, and hopefully she will reciprocate. Doing simple things with her, like shaving her legs, washing her back while she takes a bubble bath, a back or foot rub, things like that.

There are some great and knowledgeable men out here, but we get passed over by most women that yearn for either younger more stupid men, or those that forgot how to be men or have queer tendencies, or big dumb idiots, that may have money, yet will smack her up the head once she challenges his authority in the home.

I have an idea ladies, instead of going for all these im mature males idiots out there, forget the Malibu coast, or the geeky dorks, and try on someone like me a fully discharged, full rebel confederate Marine pilot, with morals and a sense of loyalty, that just happens to live humbly and simply.

Then you can quit, boo wooing on Facebook about the guys trampling on your dreams or just using you and your body then tossing you away. Try an older guy that’s lived life that can give you a good life.

A life with Love, God, and who reads the Bible, every day.



knyte bye