Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank Goodness I know how to fix things even my Thermostat


Thank goodness I know how to fix stuff. For weeks I’ve been dogging my property manager to have the ah maintenance person here at the Wentworth>wentworth  to fix my thermostat here at the Wolf’s Den, to which nothing if anything was done. So I went to a local hardware store here, bought a fix it kit. Installed it and now its working as it should, even have steady hot water , see the Wolf’s Den here at the Wentworth>wentworth is hot water heated. But all is fine.

Had one of the High Priests of our Ward stop by, he got me a TV, which under these snow covered roads and as such can’t do anything except lounge around, will be appreciated. Now just need the Bishop to do his magic on the radio gear rescue.

Had the Hershey squirts most of the morning. Guess its not good to eat breakfast on a near empty belly. Not that I don’t have funds for food which I do and haven’t heard much from the local DFS office, but I got my card in the mail, just need to activate it.

Sometimes, one just needs to take things in ones own hands to git-r-done.



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