Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just can I ask you to go and buy and wear a pair of pantyhose?


So yesterday interviewed a gal for duty as production assistant for HazzardAyre Radio as well as a on air second anchor. So I tried to suggest several times that she pick up and wear a pair of pantyhose, and ya’ll know why about that so we’ll move on.

Seems that being seen without that dark brown rear seem is better than showing up with a bunch of fluff all contained behind the confines of synthetic packaging. I always would rather see someone in nylons, nice jeans or skirt, and medium to moderately high heels. It makes her look more professional and business like, not someone that’s there just to do a job and get paid, who does not give a shit.

The images we give off to people from what we wear and the basic regard for upkeep of our cleanliness

If your trying to sell something what you wear can determine how much of whatever it is they’ll buy if the buy at all.

The days of casual Friday’s and slouch working environments even the old style Hippie culture is beginning to erode for a more upscale well manicured uniformed professional look. I myself have resisted this trend. I want folks to accept me and/or the club for who we are as people not the coverings. But if we’re going to sell ad time etc to the suit and tie stiffs we have to look the part.

Now some young and even older who would be better off to, but in a measure of protest or something stopped wearing nylons. Somewhere about 15 years ago. Let me give you an example. 20 years ago, you could sit at the park or on the bench in Salt Lake City or in front of the CenturyLink building in Boise. There would be hundreds of hot looking gals in their mini skirts, 6 to 7 inch heels nylons and they looked hot, they looked professional and they were someone you wanted to do business with or at least take to buy a drink with.

Today you seldom find any body at either location, they don’t wear dress’ or nylons or heels or both, and most guys don’t give them a second look. The old song by ZZTop that went Every Girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man can be reversed in the idea, every guy melts like Jello at the site of a hot looking gal in a skirt heels and nylons.

Here at HazzardAyre we strongly urge any and all female employees and model/on air talent to be in heels, nylons and skirts. Even if their legs are a bit beefy. It goes back to our roots finding talent and featuring same of the heeHaw/Hazzard County days, network censors demand that , that much leg be covered in nylons. If your going to be in studio with me or work on camera etc , which is 80% of the time, you have to be dressed in such a way that if and when the red light of the camera comes on your ready.

So I ask any and all of our new employees at least the feminitile employees to stop at the Wal-Mart, buy a cheap pair of nylons, put on a skirt and be dressed to thrill, when they come out to go do business with me.

So in closing, can I just suggest, if your interning or coming to apply for a job with and for SAMCRO MC, Can you just go and buy and wear a pair of Pantyhose?


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