Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The In and Out movement good with a lady, not good for business

BIG HAG HEDDER Afternoon Delyte

The in and out movement of just stroking the shaft is great when your with a woman, but not worth a spit in a windstorm for doing business, but the noise motor gets the oil.

We have been approved for The Reaper and are moving ahead on that. Plus the club  has the radio net in sight so all is going better.

Sometimes you have to remember the old saying if you love something set it free, if it returns to you, its yours, if it doesn’t it never was. Likewise if you want something plant the seed, and be patient enough to let it germinate.

I’m just worried are we going to be able to assemble a staff large enough, of people outside club membership, to make it all work.

Talked to Mr.. Little today. he’s given the green light to the Reaper, Talked to a former colleague who says they are still interested. Trouble is when the colleague bad mouths you or the club, behind your back, makes one not want to get warm again.

Pitched the he & she thing very covertly to Britt, I didn’t get a yes, but didn’t get a no hell no either.

It would be so easy for me to fall for her that its not funny. She’s sweet, pretty, energetic, and ambitious. If we get it together fine, if not she is a Lady of the Knytes and a club sister. So she gets respect.

Well that’s my day, and news of the club.

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