Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sex in The Kountry,

BIG HAG HEDDER sex in the kountry

First off here, can we keep it clean here. Example, went on a search of pics to put in the graphic for the column of HazzardAyre.

I was searching for attractive cowgirls/rodeo queens. After wading through what seemed the full jugurknot of porn to near porn found a few that could be used. Hasn’t anyone ever took their phone cams or their digicams out and photographed hot cowgirls at a rodeo before? If not, why not? After all, nothing sezz sexy better than a hot looking cowgirl in an even tighter pair of Wrangle Cowgirl cut jeans. Okay so it takes a very tight behind to pull that off, but hey, nothing looks better in the hay, and if you’d like to know, the first pair of shorts for Daisy Duke, were a drastically cut off pair of Wrangler cowgirl cut jeans.

Having a gal on a horse besides one of our two or 6 wheeled iron horses, sezz kountry sexy. Okay I know this is going to come up, but here goes. I spell country with a booted K, why? It goes back to legendary country music personality Kitty Wells who spelled all of anything country with that booted K, more over I saw that once on a billboard for a radio station out of Boise when they were hit kountry KJOT, there was the K super imposed over a cowgirl boot. It looked good so I have stuck with it. I know my southern kountry roots are showing more today. I get tired of these people who front being kountry to even rodeo, whose bunk house is apartment number 10 at the Classic Lodge and their Pinto horse is a Pinto car.

I love kountry, well true kountry women. Who can look refined in a floor length gown or dress, yet can put on a pair of coveralls and overhaul a John Deere, or at least not fear to try.

A gal who loves trucks, slinging a few brews out 4digging, or practicing barrel racing, for a rodeo. Those sparkly cowgirl Stetsons, with those silky tops as they ride out at a rodeo. To me that is true beauty. Especially if she takes a dip of Skoal, rather than light up a smoke or one of those vapor smoke things. Ever priced one of those? Friend of mine went to buy one the other day after I mistakenly ran over his. Damn thing cost near $200.00 , really? Heck I could buy 4 rolls of Skoal for that price and it’d last longer.

In this column we’ll be looking at relationships and such the kountry way. There is a difference.

City gals and Kountry Honey’s do, do it different.

Bikers and cowboys have it about right, We’ll treat or women as well as our leathers and ride our women as often as we ride our Harley’s or our horses.REBEL COWBOY Kountry gals don’t wear their feelings on their sleeves, don’t twitch if someone says something out of context or at least colorful , kountry girls don’t start gossip, nor talk behind their guys back and certainly will stand up for their guys, in defense if someone is putting him down. The sign of a cowboy that is married or engaged is not the ring on his finger, but the knawed off Wrangler patch off his Wrangler jeans, his honey did the knawing off. Same goes in reverse of her. If you see a partly chewed off Wrangler patch off of her Wrangler Jeans, it means she is done spoke for.

Now then; lets chat about the concept of love and lust. There is a major difference.

For this old Rebel Wolf, I think of a gal or look at her in my mind at least 30 years older than she is, near balding, some pounds gained and think of , her hunched over the toilet hurling, with me holding her long dirt water blonde hair out of her face and washing out a towel so she can clean up.

Can you picture her sitting on the toilet doing her dooty, while your having a conversation? Do you see yourself being with this lady for 50 plus years, her out slopping the hogs, or slinging hay along side you? If you can, your in love, if you can’t your in lust. The latter is most city guys, its for them the 4 f’s apply, Findem, Feelem, Fuckem, Forgetem. For kountry men, its findem, go on a moonlit horseback ride, on a summer night , looking at the stars, and only having sex once a ring is on her finger. It’s for Kountry men, once you find her, keep her, and treat her as royally as possible. Give her your life as she gives you hers. Not just do her, and go find someone else. That kind of thing is what’s wrong with the entire nation. Too many easy ways out of a marriage, if there is even a marriage, a broken home, children that have no idea of who Daddy really is. That’s the city way.

Next time relationships from the lady’s perspective, written by our new Lady of The Knytes, Britt.


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