Saturday, March 21, 2015

Disappointment and relief in the same package


So it ran its course. Didn’t plan it this way, but at least that monkey is off my back. Britt leaving the Wolf-Pack was both a disappointment and relief at the same time. While Brittany was a good JAFO, still I don’t think she was either mature enough nor emotionally stable enough to handle the responsibilities of doing the level of work that we would have required. The fact that we took her on was a favor to her mother, but hey nothing gained nothing lost, Brittany was after all a prospect. Not a full hire in so that be that, on that.

At least I can now get into what needs to be done for myself as well as my company. The club is secondary right now, not out as I could never abandon my trucker brethren, but the club saw this train coming , and the light at the end of the tunnel was in fact another train. The best way to not get hit by the train, step off to the side. Which is what I’m doing.

As far as the Reaper(Lotty’s) That will stay for rent for at least a decade if not longer. The reconstruction costs along with the monthly rent rate and restocking costs, and the staffing costs if one can get them all before you can turn a dollar, naw there’s easier more direct ways of making a living.

I and the club can’t do business this way.


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