Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another week wasted, but light on the horizon


another Example of why if your a business owner looking for a place to place or locate your business or a branch of it, is not, repeat NOT!! Evanston Wyoming.

Now this continues what I wrote on this earlier today. Some things grow good in one place, but the exact same thing wont grow in another. Example soy beans. They grow great mid west, but will not grow in say Wyoming or Idaho. Some places have a wider view of the world or at least a more progressive view of their environment.

Sadly Evanston a once industrious town, supported by oil and natural gas production, Union Pacific, and energetic spirit. Unfortunately that spirit done flew away. Today any business, not owned by or operated by someone that was born here, gone to school here, married here, with their gravestone in the local cemetery, that business will never advance beyond the serious planning stage. Rental property is way outrageous and if your looking at doing anything beyond supplying the railroad here, don’t expect any support, including hiring female model talent for a simple set of pictures for a simple web site. Sounds like what I used to say about Twin Falls, Rigby and some other areas of Idaho, that was once occupied by the Knytes, and/or me. Thing is when all too many obstacles blocked progression, and we left, it was only then , that the tax revenue from our $400,000.00 a month sales tax, and half a million payroll taxes brought to local coffers. But by then we were gone. Other things left to, when the Knytes leave, riff raff enters. Theft, narcotics abuse, and other things that the Knytes keeps out of a community, enters. By then its too late. Only then do we get apology letters and requests for us to rethink. Problem is once burned the Knytes do not return, nor rethink. We forgive, but never forget. There is no second chances and I’m near there myself. Promise me something and don’t keep your word, prevent me from fulfilling my responsibilities to say my local LDS church ward, just to accommodate them, funny, I always thought if you work for someone from which you plan to get a paycheck you kiss his behind, not the company owner or Charter President kiss yours. It don’t work that way. Any way, to put it simply I have my affection and all for Evanston. While the Knytes still think that building the radio station here, I’m near the point of telling the club, hey you get someone else to ride herd on this project. Of course I can’t because few of the Wolf Pack hates this town so bad it leaves the taste of the floor of a rabbits pen in our mouths. So , I’ll stay long enough to complete this radio station but as far as the Reaper and all the rest, ain’t going to happen.

As for me, I’m looking at a short spell in Utah to wrap things up there, then move my butt out of there for Boise. I have came to the conclusion concussion that I need to be in a place that has at least 50k populations or better. Anything else, just don’t work.

Stay Tuned

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