Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kountry Thinkin

BIG HAG HEDDER southern fried kountry

There’s certain ways of thinkin, one is the way city folk think. Yuck, don’t make me hurl, most city or urban types, are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Or there is the Southern Kountry way of thinkin that is the most intelligent so we’re going to examine this from that point.

Many members of the Knytes and a few around this little berg called Evanston Wyoming, gotta say Wyoming since there’s several Evanston’s around the Union.

But certain folks that think or are ah thinkin, I’m pineing for this new hire, Britt>10401952_768961383172788_8980324130861703049_n Which is absolutely absurd. There is no way under God’s sky that I’d be tripping over her. Now if she was say 20 to 30 years older, sure. But as it is she’s just a great person that I happen to like and that now works for the club, as my Production Assistant. Past that, she’s just neat to go have coffee, with or just shoot shit. Likewise , I’m still in charge here, she messes up too much or doesn’t do as requested, like any employee she’ll be discharged faster than a one eyed gunny sergeant. But she’ll still be a dear friend, and an intern. Mostly friend.

So all of you grow the frig up, I’m not in lust or love with this young hire, but she is a Lady of the Knytes and should be treated with the respect and honor that, that title deserves nuff said.

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