Friday, March 13, 2015

Have we had enough of this? The Mom nearly killed the baby

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Okay this might sound mean or not caring, but while I have sympathy and all for the little baby that survived a tragic wreck in Spanish Fork Utah. I am getting tired of the story. Let Lilly heal, let the bad memory of a mother who took narcotics and was in the process of suicide, subside and lets move on.

My heart goes out to the family and all, but the media is just as ornery. They get one story that goes viral, and we have to hear and see it for weeks. LET IT GO ALREADY !!

Results from the interview on SAMCRO MC’s new media intern, went well. Mom was a bit hesitant, of allowing Britt to come to the Wolf’s Den by herself , but she did come.

The Reaper Club is on hold. The reluctance of the owners of the old Lotty’s Bar and Grill which is where we have been looking at putting the Reaper Club is taking all too long and drug out.

So we are looking for other locations in Uinta County and not so much Evanston. Rebuilding the old Lotty’s facility and all is not dead, but one can only wait so long.

Several Locations around the county near Evanston, but not in it, are being evaluated. But remember the Reaper Club was an extended option, our main goal was and is KDXC FM/KDHK AM , nothing much more certainly not less.

Of course Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing, is second on the list.

Doing a walk through Saturday afternoon, at Lotty’s and the paperwork hits mid week next week.

SAMCRO MC, does not like dancing around. Its now time to take a dump, or get off the toilet.

More on Britt later, but I can say of all the younger than 30 prospects I have interviewed , Britt displays the most promise. I’m going to be counting on her, to carry the ball on all Evanston operations. She needs training, but she’s smart enough and eager enough to make it work.

Have church clean up work Saturday morning, then its pin up girl auditions from 13:00(1:00PM) to 16:00(4:00PM) plus the walk through which I hope Britt and her mom that is pretty hot herself, will be there to pick up on what I miss on the walk through.


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