Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of any place I have rested my bones, Evanston Wyoming is a place that requires one to take Lithium or get drunk.

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Of all the places I have hung my hat and rested my bones, Evanston Wyoming is a place that requires one to take Lithium or at least stay somewhat drunk to deal with the doubting Thomas’ or fretting Betty’s.

I will never say I live in Evanston, simply because saying I live here, would mean that there is some measure of enjoyment here. Live means to LIVE not just exist which is about all I do, is exist.

I was going to head to the church today to do my assigned clean up day there, but just flat overslept. My body and mind needed to heal after a long week of all out manure. While I keep fighting for the club to get more involved in Evanston here, fact is the club would just assoon do only the radio station here, and me hang my hat in either Montpelier Idaho, or me in Burley, Idaho. Come over once in awhile to do the radio gig, then leave, and go home to Idaho.

Which is why last week at church I attempted to get to chat with Wanda there but never got anywhere . Likewise why I’m training Britt. This way by August, she can run things here. Know the ways of the club, and I do what I do best, fly dusting crops, build bikes and run a toew truck. As far as the bar, I , and the club is in agreement here, want to turn the Reaper into a none alcohol bar. No brew or whiskey, more on the idea of soda pop, organic nutrition drinks, food, and a place where young and old can dance, play pool, darts, Xbox games without getting arrested as they leave for a dui or worse.

Charge a entry fee of $10.00 per person, have a tween and teen night on Thursdays, all ages Friday’s and Saturday’s.

The Cafe of course will be open, 24/7 so that those freight haulers across the street at Flying J can get something to eat early in the morning or overnight besides SubWay.

Years ago I was into mucho brew and booze. I just had to have it. These days, since I let our Heavenly Father back into my life, and am working to realign myself to Gospel Principles to go to the Temple and all, I have no desire to get pasted. I like my root beer and my Mello Yello but little of anything else, but when frustrations enter in I think my would I love a shot or a brew.

Of course thank goodness I have my lithium, to keep my emotions in check so I don’t go out and beat up someone just for kicks.

Of course there are the human male to female relations that I attempt to deal with.

I hear from young and old, how bad they are mistreated and abused. Yet there are us male corpuscles that come from good, southern Christian homes that remained unified, despite trying times, that built lives and even small empires. As such us southern rednecks that have proper morals would love to hook up with women that NEED a human male corpuscle that will stick with them, be the shield against all enemies, be there to catch them when they fall. Be the strong shoulder for them to cry on when they need to. Be the sympathetic ears to listen to their concerns. Yet we get pushed aside for these Gorillas that only offer them a fast time in bed, and a only a so so life.

Used to be the church was the place to meet hopefuls. There were socials, dances, dinners, plays, etc. You’d go, get introduced and could make a connection. Church even had a church dating service called LDS Singles. You’d go online, fill in your profile and they’d link you up. Many of us that didn’t have Temple recommends were pushed away, but were still devout church members.

That gave way to many of male LDS members going back to the bar where any warm body was better than no body at all.

Which required repentance and months of refinding ourselves in the church, and renewing Priesthood and gospel teachings. Plus a lot of praying.

The radio network here is vital, since it generates the money for the Reaper Club, which is why that is so important. The Reaper, is a place as I previously outlined , where people of all faiths, ages and such can go, stay sober, socialize and still not abandon their church teachings.

A place for the entire family, not some place to just go get plastered.

A place with good wifi, go in get something to eat in the cafe, go play Xbox games upstairs or line dance downstairs. A place to just blow off steam and enjoy an open mic night for comedians, or dance to an old fashioned sock hop.

But as much as I work at it, it seems , we get fought, which is why of any place I have been or rested my bones, Evanston is one place that requires lithium.


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