Monday, March 9, 2015

Can it be done? Yes, but only with the right people involved


Once again in the hot seat. The millions of dollars spent on talent searches. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once the right group of gals were assembled that could be molded together as the Hazzard County Angels? 24 of the hottest and not inhibited gals of legal age that could be called up at the spur of the moment, without jealous or psycho guy pals to upset things. My usual application standards are involved, and the first gals that can come in and do this>erin n me without 20 questions of why, so that my company gets its day on camera, so that this>erin n me that comes out like this,156620_162274433815329_2784886_n and this;WE LUV TOEWZ is the kind of free spirit I’m looking for, so keep this in mind;MISS HAZZARD2 but can it be done in Evanston Wyoming? That is my deepest and most worrisome thoughts and concerns. I and the Knytes as well as its sibling the AyreWolvez don’t like to have egg on our faces. You schedule up a camera crew, photographer, to do a shoot, and everybody is there except your feature talent. So you make phone calls, nobody answers the phone, or they see your name on the caller ID, and never answer. If they do answer you get something like, “ I talked to my boyfriend, and I decided not to do it” Only to find several weeks later, after somebody else does the shoot, they call and say can I have another chance. If you can’t believe in me or the club, now, don’t come back later.

Some wonder about the insistence on wearing nylons, and or tights, rather than fishnets or worse yet, barefoot. Its partly a hygiene thing, as a thin barrier between myself doing the smooching, and her sweaty foot. And two; wearing nylons just gives the look a bit more class.

But I think I have two people involved outside of the club that can help this whole gig, get put in motion. The bar right now from lack of available workers or female labor force, makes, plunking down $4k a month, in not one but 3 locations in town, a big gamble, let alone, if you can’t get 20 or so gals to be models, where are you going to find 12 to be on shift, of a place that’s nearly Coyote Ugly and the Boars Nest(Dukes-of-Hazzard) rolled into one. Where do you find gals that will dance on the bar, or cocktail servers who will allow strange men to drink from their boot or high heel? If you can’t all your doing is wasting $4k a month, that could be applied elsewhere.

So the first assignment I issued to my two new crew people, Matt and Sammi is have at least 4 or so hot gals to come to the Wolf’s Den here, in nylons with clean toes in nylon hose, that don’t have a problem with me kissing her toes. If the models can do that, just about anything else we assign them to do, will not be beyond their ability.

Any mile, body weak, need sleep.



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