Tuesday, March 10, 2015



nEWS FOR SALE, Seems like something that shouldn’t be right? After all news especially news that’s brought to you by TV and even newspaper should be untethered and unbiased. However that’s not the real scene. Reason, for most and I’m happy to say not us here at HazzardAyre, not influenced by how much money or not so much money we make, but uncovering the news YOU want to see, hear, and read.

If you tune to FoX 13 News out of Utah, you hear and see the promos about if you saw it, you saw it on Fox 13 News. Really? If there’s a story in our area, its us, here at both HazzardAyre as well as ayrewolffm. The only semi LIVE streaming radio and TV station dedicated to the preservation and education of Confederate history and heritage, and ayrewolffm honoring the heritage and education of military flight as well as those who flew those missions, not just the aircraft. Marine and Navy aviator veterans look to ayrewolffm to provide information on benefits that they have earned, more over the legacies they created. Yet FoX 13 News as much as I called them prior to my departure from Woods Cross, Utah would not return phone calls, but nearly if not completely ignored our organization’ subsidiary sibling the AyreWolvez. The same deaf ear was repeated here in Evanston at the Uinta County Herald. Even though, had the local paper gave some news ink, to the radio station amongst other things like both the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez, the club would have reciprocated with steady and consistent advertizing. Ignorance and arrogance is not bliss. Slap the club in the face, the club ignores you, and YOU loose.

Considering that ignorance and arrogance , the club is looking at launching in June, a semi weekly and by 2016 a daily newspaper for the entire area not just Evanston, but also from Fish Haven Idaho, to Lyman Wyoming.

As such we are looking for writers, copy editors, photographers, as well as ad sales people. Military veterans, preferred.

Now then my time.

Being Charter President of the Knytes and Executive Officer of the AyreWolvez, my time is near none existent. In the 41 years that the club has been together, I have not seen a vacation day, that was just me blowing off steam and relaxing, just for me. Not one. As a result, my vehicles don’t get the needed care they need, laundry doesn’t get done, the Wolf’s Den doesn’t get cleaned when it needs it and even simple things like fetching milk and food gets put on a shelf, but hardly if ever gets addressed. So I’m tasking Sammi and Matt to find me a housekeeper, that I can trust and depend on. Likewise a production assistant, to do errands, and do supervision.

Now in closing, hope Sammi and all brings at least one talent applicant dressed in nylons for viewing and interviewing, at our meeting, like wise the older gal that was at Kerra’ the other night that used to be a madam.

So the next time you see the promos on FoX 13 News that says they give you news all of the news, don’t believe it. They report, if only you an advertiser.


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